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Tonny Sorensen Wife And Children Details What is Tonny Sorensen Von Dutch Net Worth? Tonny is a Danish entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $20 million. Let’s discover know more about Tonny Sorensen, aka Tonny Sørensen.

Factor in a 17 percent buyer’s fee and the final tally was $55,575! Other Von Dutch memorabilia was on the block, including several customized motorcycles among the 70 or so bikes for sale in the general auction. See the photo gallery for some of the more interesting lots and the sale prices.

Kenny Howard, aka, Von Dutch was commissioned by Mr. Richard H. Cormany. The owner of the bike had purchased the bike in 1961 when it was just 2 years old. He wanted to have something that was personalized. The year was ridden for a year before Mr. Cormany made the decision to hire Howard to work his magic.

The trademark rights were sold in 2000 to Mike Cassell and Bobby Vaughn. French designer Christian Audigier helped popularize the brand in the early 2000s. Von Dutch was repurchased in 2009 by Groupe Royer S.A., through its Luxembourg subsidiary Royer brands International S.a.r.l.



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