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NoPhone’s net worth In 2021, the firm is worth around $15 million. What Happened to Total Merchant Resources After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Net worth of NoPhone The company valuation in 2021 is netted to $15 million. NoPhone FAQs What is NoPhone?

The companies net worth today is estimated at around $150k. Will a Shark bite? Or is NoPhone a no-no? What is NoPhone? NoPhone is a novelty device that is not a cellular device at all, but rather a phone-shaped piece of plastic.

The NoPhone is a fake phone for people addicted to real phones. It has no data plan, no camera, no battery, no wifi but is completely toilet-bowl resistant. It’s the perfect phone for someone who uses their phone too much.

For those people who cannot function without holding their phone or appearing busy on their phone, NoPhone is a security blanket. The selfie NoPhone has a mirror face, there is an orange NoPhone, and you can even downgrade to NoPhone Zero, which is a black plastic rectangle that bears absolutely no resemblance to a smartphone.

There’s a sucker born every minute, and Van Gould and Chris Sheldon enter Shark Tank to prove this, pitching their NoPhone fake smartphone, asking for a $25,000 investment for 25% equity. The companies net worth today is estimated at around $150k. Will a Shark bite?

Who said that he could see the fun of phone dependency?

Sheldon said that he could see the fun of phone dependency, but with their product anyone could work past it. They stated that they put their idea online, and received a bunch of emails from people who wanted to invent their own dependency on their phones.

It’s just the pet rock of the millennial generation. The Sharks laughed, but I wonder if they thought that this was a waste their time. Van and Sheldon started to hand out samples. Van gave Robert a NoPhone with the selfie upgrade, which was just a mirror.

The NoPhone was featured on the Forbes website, in an article about the first “fake phone company to appear on Shark Tank.” The NoPhone website is still going strong, and the company has a bunch of awesome quotes from various reviews from big companies like TechCrunch on their landing page. Time Magazine call the NoPhone “a simulation of your comfort object, helping you to slowly abandon it. The website now offers the NoPhone Air, which is just an empty plastic package, for only $5! That would be a great gift for your loved ones this Christmas, if you like being the black sheep of the family. You can also purchase all of the models on Amazon Prime, as well as the official NoPhone t-shirt. Beat your cellphone addiction today by visiting their website.



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