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It’s not entirely clear how much they make, and sometimes, it even depends on their popularity on the show. But some reports claim that Deadliest Catch captains can earn up to $50,000 per episode.

Deadliest Catch Cast Scott Campbell Jr’s standing net worth is $600,000. Mac White. To date, Mac has starred on 45 episodes of the Deadliest Catch. His first appearance came back on May 10 th, 2011, during the series’ seventh season.

Presently, Neil has starred in 26 episodes in total. Being a deckhand, he possibly earns roughly $60,000, just like the other deckhands who work along the Bearing Sea. Deadliest Catch cast Neil Hillstrand net worth is $300,000. Deadliest Catch Cast: Clark Pederson. Pederson made his way onto the show during its 13 th season.

About the Show. The Deadliest Catch is a Discovery Channel Documentary-style television show. It follows the lives of several courageous crab fishermen who venture out into the dangerous waters to make a living. The fishermen are mostly active during the crab fishing seasons.

What is the deadliest catch?

It follows the lives of several courageous crab fishermen who venture out into the dangerous waters to make a living. The fishermen are mostly active during the crab fishing seasons. In January, they go out on the hunt for Opilio fish. The other fishing season documented occurs in October, when they fish for king crabs.

Since then, he has featured on 252 episodes. Mike has been with Deadliest Catch for 16 years now. Sources say that Rowe earns somewhere in the region of $5 to $10 million. Besides his work with the Discovery Channel, he also endorses brands like Motorola and Ford. It puts Mike Rowe’s net worth at $30 million.

Neil Hillstrand’s first appearance on the Deadliest Catch came in Season 4 episode ‘Get ‘Em Back Safe.’ The episode marked the start of another crab fishing season. At the time, Neil Hillstrand worked on the Time Bandit as a deckhand.

He works as a Deck Boss on the F/V Cape Caution. Interestingly enough, when Nick McGlashan first appeared on the Deadliest Catch, in the episode called ‘Blood in the Morning,’ he was a deckhand on the aforementioned vessel. This was back in the show’s ninth season, during its third episode.

Back in 2017, his reported earnings were $1.5 million alone for that year. As of 2020, Deadliest Catch cast Keith Colburn’s net worth is $4 million.

Neese has captained several vessels throughout his run on the Deadliest Catch. His initial run can be traced all the way back to the season 7 episode, ‘New Blood ’. During his time on the show, we watched as Elliot captained vessels like the Ramblin Rose and Saga.

Harris first appeared on the Deadliest Catch back in 2005, on an episode called Dead of Winter. At the time, he was the captain of the F/V Cornelia Marie. Unfortunately for all of his fans, he did not appear again after the episode ‘Old Age and Treachery’ aired on April 26 th, 2011. It was during Deadliest Catch’s seventh season.


Who is the captain of Deadliest Catch?

Sig Hansen is one of The Deadliest Catch cast members with the highest net worth. As reported by Celebrity Net Worth Reporter, Sig Hansen ‘s net worth is $3.5 million. King crab fishing is rather a lucrative profession, at the same time making these cast members instant celebrities. The show is mainly set in Alaska, in the cold waters of the Bering Sea. Sig Hansen is the captain of one of the most recognizable fishing vessels in the show, the Northwestern.

3 Bill Wichrowski – $3 million. You might be wondering by now who the other Deadliest Catch cast member is that’s as high up in value as Sig Hansen. Here we are finally with Wild Bill Wichrowski. Tied at $3 million, he shares the distinction of having the highest net worth.

Keith Colburn’s net worth is $1.5 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. At this moment, he is the sixth richest cast member of The Deadliest Catch. At age 22 he came with a friend to Alaska determined to become a fisherman. He started as a crab fisher on the Alaska Trader and was forever hooked.

Through 3 seasons with the popular reality show, Elliott Neese’s value came up to $500,000 according to Celebrity Net Worth. He faced personal problems and had to focus on the first but we’d like to see the tattooed captain back in the seas and in our favorite reality show soon.

10 Josh Harris – $800,000. It’s quite common for fathers, sons, and brothers to be in a fishing vessel working together on the show. That’s how Josh Harris started , he joined his dad, Captain Phil Harris’ crew in Season 10. He started out as a deckhand and is now captain of the fishing vessel Cornelia Marie.

Josh is one of the main cast in Season 15, with the show chronicling his season of fishing from Day 1 of the season together with his co-captain Casey McManus. With this net worth upwards of close to a million dollars, we can say that Josh got a better outcome, so far, compared to his brother Jake.

This is one of the main reasons why Andy Hillstrand is worth $1.5 million according to Marble Pepper. Andy works in his vessel together with his brother Johnathan and since their business is family-owned and operated, his future plans of king crab fishing were halted with the decision of his older brother.


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