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How many sinister movies are there?

How many Sinister films are there? Well, not a lot. There are currently only two Sinister films that have been aired. The first in 2012 and then a sequel in 2015.

It was announced late in 2020 that work had begun on a sequel for the series and with Blum teasing that they will cross these two properties over at some point, there is a chance that this upcoming movie could see the return of Sinister’s notorious villain Bughuul.

While horror films don’t traditionally score well with critics, Sinister represented a nice change of pace, with both critics and fans coming to some level of agreement—it was good, and it was scary. Other successful horror movies have spun off sequel after sequel, so how many Sinisters are out there?

What is the horror of M Night Shyamalan?

M. Night Shyamalan’s found-footage horror covers a disturbing visit of two children to their grandparents’ house, whom they meet for the first time. Of their own fruition, the siblings unearth discovering secrets that reveal the background of their hosts.

James Wan made waves in the world of commercial horror, laying the foundation of the Saw franchise. After a few setbacks, Wan bounced back with The Conjuring. Inspired by the real-life experiences of two so-called “ghost hunters,” The Conjuring is universally regarded as one of the scariest films of all time.

This Halloween season, a study called The Science Of Scare was conducted to settle the score on ‘the scariest films’ of all time. While the study’s verdict was mostly based on Hollywood films—the Japanese classic The Ring being an exception—the extensive research still broadly determines which mainstream horror film has the most scares.

The sequel to James Wan’s blockbuster, The Conjuring 2 might not have been as original as its predecessor, but it still manages to deliver on a variety of scares. Several jump scares and supernatural scenes offer a fresh spin to iconic exorcism sequences and haunted house elements.

While one can ignore the countless sequels in the franchise, the original Paranormal Activity was quite a visionary film in its own right. At the center of its story is a couple whose life seems to be interrupted by the titular hauntings, as found in a series of surveillance cameras throughout the film.

The Descent received rave reviews at the time of its release and was heavily regarded as the scariest film of 2006. Even though the film wasn’t shot in an actual cave , its visuals offered enough claustrophobia to viewers, fueling their adrenaline. The Descent is now seen as a film of cult status.

Ari Astner’s breakout debut Hereditary can scare one with its grisly and graphic visuals. If that doesn’t test the audience’s fears, hyperactive performances by cast-members like Toni Collette and Alex Wolff would surely raise the overall tension.



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