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Skylar Storm

Besides having peak human condition, some of Skylar’s 24 superpowers include X-ray vision, explosive induction, time rewind, gyrokinesis, manipulation of celestial bodies, flight, super strength, intangibility, camouflage, invisibility, space survivability, and super speed.

Considering this, Who is the most powerful superhero in Mighty Med?

Bridget, also known as Mr. Terror became the most powerful supervillain on the planet by making contact with an alien artifact known as the Arcturion. In an attempt to stop her, the energy ended up surging through her son Oliver and his best friend Kaz, giving them a variety of superpowers.

How did Kaz and Oliver get powers? In a failed attempt to stop Oliver’s mother, Kaz (along with Oliver) gained superpowers after absorbing the Arcturion’s energy. He and Oliver used their new powers to defeat Bridget/Mr. Terror.

Accordingly, What are Oliver’s powers?

Powers. Flight: In the Mighty Med episode, The Mother of All Villains, Oliver, along with Kaz, absorb power from the Arcturion and obtain the superpower of flight. Super Strength: Oliver has the strength of a superhuman being strong enough to rip steel bars.

Who is the most powerful villain in Mighty Med?

Catastrophe was renowned for being the most powerful and dangerous villain in the universe.

Who is the dark warrior in Mighty Med?

Dark Warrior is a superhero on Mighty Med.

Dark Warrior
Portrayed By Ben Giroux

Who is Alan’s dad in Mighty Med?

It turns out his father is the superhero Optimo, who could not be with Alan because Razor Claw has sworn vengeance against Optimo and his entire family. He created a comic booked about himself called “Awesome Man” and secretly put it in The Domain.

Does INEJ have powers?

She has no powers as such, though some have speculated that her ability to seemingly appear out of nowhere is some sort of unknown Grisha talent. It isn’t. She’s just really good at what she does.

Does megahertz turn good?

Due to Megahertz actions in The Dirt on Kaz & Skylar, it is shown that he seems to have a good side, instead of being pure evil. This would make him an anti-villain and not a true villain.

Who destroyed Mighty Med?

Terror, Mighty Med was destroyed by the shapeshifters Roman & Riker, the sons of Rodissius. Many in the hospital perished, but the fates of staff such as Horace and Alan remain unknown. However, it is known that at least four superhero patients survived: Captain Atomic, Titanio, Queen Hornet, and Defroster.

Does Skylar Kiss Oliver?

Skylar says that it meant a lot to her that Oliver stuck up for her and she thanks him. Oliver asks if that means they’re dating, and Skylar kisses him on the cheek.


What are Bree’s superpowers?

Bionic Abilities

  • Super Speed: Super Speed is Bree’s main bionic ability. …
  • Turbo Leap/Super Jump: When something is in Bree’s way, she can jump over it easily. …
  • Super Agility: Bree has a lot of acrobatics that make her effective when she’s fighting, it was first shown when she aerial cartwheeled in Bionic Birthday Fail.

Does Kaz have powers in Mighty Med?

Powers and Abilities

Flight: In the Mighty Med episode, The Mother of All Villains, Kaz, along with Oliver, absorb power from the Arcturion and obtain the superpower to fly. He seems to have more control over this power than Oliver, who always falls out of the sky instead of landing.

Who plays megahertz in Mighty Med?

James Ryen (born October 16, 1968) is an American actor who plays Megahertz in Mighty Med. “I can’t wait to tell Gus and Jordan about this place!”

What is Skylar’s power?

Electrokinesis: Oliver states that Skylar has electricity powers in The Intruder, although she used first this power to open electric doors and walls (as she did in Follow the Leader) and later on to make things disintegrate (as she did in The Intruder).

Is Oliver’s mom evil Mighty Med?

Bridget is similar to Douglas Davenport from Lab Rats. They are both villainous parents to the main character(s). Just like the Lab Rats, Oliver didn’t know his parent was a villain.

What happened to Oliver’s mother in Mighty Med?

It was revealed in Lab Rats: Elite Force, that Kaz, Oliver and Skylar eventually defeated her and captured her.

Is there a season 3 of Mighty Med?

In 2017, Disney confirmed Mighty Med for a third and final season.

What is on Inej wrist?

In the Netflix series, Inej, played by Amita Suman, is still employed at the Menagerie, walking a tightrope between working for both Kaz and Heleen. And she still has the tattoo of the peacock feather on her wrist.

Is Kaz in love with Inej?

Kaz quickly grows to trust Inej more than anyone else; even willingly removing his gloves in her presence. Kaz slowly realizes his romantic feelings for Inej but tries to suppress them, viewing them as a weakness or a liability for both himself and Inej.

Is Jesper A Grisha?

Powers and abilities

Jesper is a Grisha Fabrikator (Durast), though in Novyi Zem he and other Grisha are referred to as zowa, meaning “blessed”. However, Jesper remains untrained, so his power is not properly honed and rather weak.

Does Skylar get her powers back?

After the episode “Power Play”,Skylar’s powers were restored by having her dormant power cells activated. The full extent of her restored powers has yet to be seen.

What episode does Skylar get powers?

She got her powers back in There’s A Storm Coming, lost them again in Storm’s End, but regains them in Lab Rats: Elite Force.


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