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Little Cali makes it a family of five for Bambi and Scrappy. The couple’s other two children are son Breland, who turns 3 on Sept. 18, and daughter Xylo, who will be a year old on Aug. 3. Besides the three children he has with Bambi, Lil Scrappy also has a 16-year-old daughter named Emani Richardson.

Article continues below advertisement ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star Bambi has three children — Breland, Xylo, and baby Cali. If you’re a fan of Bambi’s (real name: Adizia “Bambi” Benson), then you know that she takes family and motherhood very seriously.

Fans of the star are already familiar with Bambi’s son and daughter, Breland and Xylo. The adorable pair can be frequently seen playing with each other and sharing adorable moments on Bambi’s Instagram. And while Bambi and hubby Lil Scrappy (Darryl Kevin Richardson) already have a full house, expanding their family is a top priority.

Thanks to her hard work and determination, Bambi has accumulated a net worth of $1 million, per Wealthy Genius. And with her continued success in the entertainment and beauty lanes, we can expect her net worth to blossom over time. We would like to extend our greatest congratulations to Bambi and Lil Scrappy on their newest bundle of joy.

Who wrote Bambi’s children?

Bambi’s Children: The Story of a Forest Family ( German: Bambis Kinder: Eine Familie im Walde) is a 1939 coming-of-age novel written by Austrian author Felix Salten as a sequel to his successful 1923 work Bambi, a Life in the Woods .

However, the English-language edition consists of 30 chapters, and the abridged Swedish edition only has 14 chapters.

When Geno starts to grow his antlers, he and Gurri discover two orphaned male fawns named Nello and Membo. Faline decides to adopt them as new friends for her children, so they can forget about their new enemies. When Geno gets older, he meets Lana again. Boso comes out and challenges Geno to a fight, but Geno refuses.

The sequel to Bambi follows the lives of the twin children of Bambi and his mate Faline as they grow from fawns to young adults. Salten wrote the sequel while living in exile in Switzerland after being forced to flee Nazi -occupied Austria as he was of Jewish heritage. Originally written in German, the novel was first published in English in the United States in 1939 by Bobbs-Merrill. It was not published in German until the following year. Perri, a squirrel character from one of Salten ‘s earlier novels, makes several appearances in the book.

The models for Geno and Gurri were Felix Salten’s own children, Paul who was careful and timid, and Anna Katharina, who was merry and optimistic. Salten also included himself as the responsible and humane hunter in the novel.

In German language, the content of Bambi’s Children is more violent, even gorier than that of Bambi, A Life in the Woods, but violent depictions of killings and mutilated animals have been toned down or removed from the English translation so that its language appears gentler than that of Bambi.

What did Bambi’s daughter wear?

The next slide saw the mother of three bonding intimately with her daughter as she cradled and breastfed the infant. Bambi’s daughter wore a striped mini beanie hat and was covered with a white cloth.


Lil Scrappy and Bambi first met each other in 2010 at a club and started as friends. Eventually, their platonic friendship evolved into something deeper, and the pair began their romantic relationship.

In the first picture, the baby girl was wrapped in a leopard-designed cloth and was held by her mom, who donned a matching outfit. Bambi looked at her precious daughter with love while sitting on the hospital bed, and it was nothing short of heart-melting.

Upcoming rapper Lil Scrappy and his wife Bambi recently welcomed their third child together and the rapper’s fourth, and from the pictures shared, one can tell the parents are in love. Find out more!

However, they share a great friendship and co-parent their daughter beautifully. Dixon and Bambi also hold no grudges against each other and are set to be the best parents to their kids.

What is Bambi’s personality?

In his early youth, Bambi has the full measure of charm that many young mammals display, with his wide eyes, spindly legs, curious nature, and a good cute voice.

Bambi is similar to Simba in The Lion King in the sense that they learn the lessons of life and fall in love with their female best friends, as well as losing one of their parents to death at a young age. These similarities were noted by the filmmakers of The Lion King when the film was in development.

House of Mouse. Bambi makes numerous cameo appearances in the animated series, often seen with Thumper and Flower. In the episode “ Dining Goofy “, he is shown to be unamused with the fact that he was seated with Big Bad Wolf .

As the months go by, Bambi creates bonds with Thumper and a bashful skunk by the name of Flower, forming a strong trio. He also builds a weak friendship with Faline, a fawn who he fell in love with, despite being disgusted by her at first glance because of her overly bubbly personality. Aside from friendships and romance, Bambi’s primary concern is his mother, who he loves deeply, often learning life lessons that stick with the young prince. One of those lessons involves being conscious of “Man”; the forest’s most feared enemy. Man is known for being a ruthless hunter, killing animals for the sake of the sport, having no regard for anything else, not even the animals’ lives or if they have family. One day, while out during his first winter, Bambi’s mother is killed by Man; though the young fawn manages to escape before he falls victim, as well. Without his mother to care for him, the Great Prince of the Forest arrives and decides to raise Bambi himself, tragically confessing the loss of his mother and taking him from his old home.

First, there is the death of his mother and his consequential move to live with his father, the Great Prince of the Forest.

He has made cameos in several Disney cartoons. In the Disney films, his species was changed from the roe deer to the white-tailed deer, which would be more familiar to American audiences.

The name “Bambi” was derived from the word “bambino” which is the Italian word for “child/little child” or “baby”. The Italian translation for “little girl” or “baby girl” is “bambina”. Ironically in a scene in Bambi II, Ronno sneers at Bambi’s name criticizing it as a girl’s name.


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