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What is selling Shein clothes?

Selling SHEIN clothes is all about using the online shop’s discounts, points and free shipping to get the clothes cheaper than they are and resell them at our profit:

In order to get the cheapest garments you can choose to look for discounts and points within SHEIN’s website and APP.

Selling SHEIN’s clothes is legal as long as you don’t do it pretending to be them and as long as you do it always implying that you are not SHEIN.

What is Shein online?

Shein is a Chinese online fashion, beauty and accessories store for women and men. If you have ever visited or shopped on the site, you will already know that it has a large catalog of products and that its prices are very competitive.

The customer sees the Shein catalog from their computer or cell phone and then passes on to you the products they wants to buy. You will be in charge of gathering orders from several customers and adding them to your cart to place an order. Once they arrive, you will be in charge of receiving it and distributing it to the individual shoppers.

Most people who decide to start selling do it as a second job or to get some extra income, since it does not demand too much of their time.

You would be the intermediary between Shein and your buyers, a sort of shopping facilitator. But for that you have to sell yourself as such: you have to get customers, and you will see that little by little and with the help of word of mouth, there will be more and more clients.

100 Shein points are equal to $1.00, and you can earn up to 2000 points per day.

To sell stock you will need to take pictures of it. Create your own aesthetic and style, and post those photos often to earn a place in your followers’ memories.

Reading the terms and conditions of the company we find that in principle it is not allowed to sell, reproduce, modify their clothes by third parties without authorization.

What is a Shein shop?

The great thing about Shein is that it is a shop that sells a multitude of fashion products. You can choose to sell dresses, or even bags, shoes or sweatshirts, maybe swimming costumes, it’s up to you. But you should know that when you choose what to sell, it is interesting to choose a line that matches a woman’s style, for example: blouses are worn by women who work in the office, maxi women’s dresses that love the boho style, bodies with bold neckline for young women, etc.

SHEIN is a company of Chinese origin that sells modern clothes at a really good price. If you want to get started in the fashion business and learn how to sell clothes on SHEIN in this article you have the step by step of how to do it very easily.

Open your profile and Instagram. Instagram is the social network of choice to sell fashion. Choose an interesting name that is catchy with what you should sell, a short name and easy to pronounce. Prepare your profile with a description that defines you.



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