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“Good morning” and “Tell me about my day” are offered up by default, but you can add custom phrases by writing them out as you’d say them. A “Good Morning” routine is already set up for you in the Google Home mobile app.

Google Inc. With the Good Morning Routine, your Assistant can turn on your lights, brief you on your day, tell you about the weather, play music, and more. All when you say “Good morning”, “Tell me about my day”, or other commands.

Say it like the Irish do – “Top of the mornin’ to ya!” “The morning” in Spanish is “la mañana”, but if you want to wish someone a good morning, you must say “Buenos días”, which literally means ‘good days’ (note the plural)! The standard way to say “good morning” in French is “bonjour”.

Good morning! Good morning! Greetings! Hi! Hey! How are you? Welcome! What’s up?! What a lovely morning! Morning! How’s it going? Hey! Long time no see. Hello! How have you been? Rise and Shine! Good day to you! Have a great day! How do you do? What’s new? Wishing you the best for the day ahead! How are you this morning?

How to start a routine at sunrise?

To start a Routine at sunrise or sunset, Google Assistant will use your home address and ask you to select a Google Assistant device for the Routine. Add or edit actions: You can add or edit actions.

Edit a Routine. On your Android phone or tablet, say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings.”. Under “Popular settings,” tap Routines. Tap a Routine. Edit your Routine: Add or edit starter: You can set a Routine to start with a voice command, at a specific time, or at sunrise or sunset. To start a Routine at sunrise or sunset, …

Say one command and Google Assistant can do multiple actions. For example, if you say: “ Hey Google, good morning ,” Google Assistant can turn on the lights, tell you about the weather, play music or news, and more. “ Hey Google, let’s go home ,” Google Assistant can give a traffic update, send and read texts, play a podcast, and more.

How to customize Google Home briefing?

To customize your daily briefing, open up the Google Home app on your phone and tap the Menu button. Then tap “More settings.”. Scroll down and tap “My day.”. On this page, you’ll see checkboxes for all the types of information Google can include in your daily briefing. You can turn on just the ones you want.

Once you’ve picked your news sources, they should show up in your briefing the next time you ask for it. Each news show updates at a different interval, so you may want to add a few just to make sure there’s always something new in your briefing.



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