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The gripping third season of Succession has come to an end this week and it ended in some top-tier rivalry between the Roy kids and Logan. Up ahead, we recap what went down and answer if Tom betrayed Shiv. The third season deals with the race to see who will be Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) successor to the company, Waystar RoyCo.

About halfway through the first season of HBO’s Succession, as the unscrupulous members of the Roy family empire were busy clawing each other’s eyes out, a surprisingly delightful relationship bloomed between Tom ( Matthew Macfadyen) and Greg ( Nicholas Braun ).

And despite the truly fucked-up way Tom has treated Greg, Greg wants to protect Tom—trying to tell Tom about Shiv’s affair. In a series replete with relationships eroded by cynicism and selfishness, Greg and Tom come to share a bond that is oddly sweet and hopeful.

However, we see that Tom gets there first and advises Logan to call their mother to change the settlement, allowing him to sell the company without a supermajority. The chances of Tom betraying his partner have been quite high, since the last episode saw Shiv reveal to him that she doesn’t find him good enough for her.



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