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Unfortunately, bankruptcy is just the tip of the iceberg for the Derricos. Deon’s legal troubles may also be responsible for some of the couple’s financial woes. It’s reported that in June 2014 Deon was charged with 13 counts including that of “theft, false representation concerning title, [and] multiple transactions involving fraud or deceit.”

While Karen is busy at home caring for their brood of children, Deon provides for his family through his occupation as a real estate investor, a detail he mentions on his social media profiles. The Derricos are able to make it work without relying on any public assistance, thanks to the cash flow from his occupation.

The Derricos are able to make it work without relying on any public assistance, thanks to the cash flow from his occupation. The paycheck they receive from TLC for Doubling Down With the Derricos should be a nice supplemental income, too. And who knows?

The Derricos: How much do they make? At least $25,000 per episode Another family – known as the Busbys on TLC – make a reported $25,000 to $40,000 per episode, so it’s likely the Derricos get the same.

How much does the Derrico family spend on groceries?

As far as the groceries are concerned, the mother of 14 revealed that they spend easily around $2,500-$3,500 a month on groceries.

Unfortunately, a tragedy struck the Derricos household in 2014, when Deon got embroiled into a bogus criminal case of property theft and real estate fraud filed against him by the State of Nevada.

How much laundry does Deon Derrico do?

What is Deon Derrico’s occupation? A May 2019 interview — when Karen was still pregnant with the triplets — revealed the busy mom washed three to four loads of laundry per day (at the time). But this likely increased since the birth of the triplets in July 2019.

One of the first questions that come to mind when people learn about the Doubling Down With the Derricos family — which is comprised of Deon Derrico, his wife Karen, and their 14 kids — is pretty predictable: How do they do it?

Deon said he cooperated in the case at first because he knew he was innocent. However, he explained that he wouldn’t advise others to do the same. “They lead me to believe that this wasn’t even about me,” he said. “… How to properly defend yourself is one, don’t talk, get an attorney.”.

Deon Derrico faced real estate fraud charges — but he was acquitted. After a five-year legal battle over multiple real estate fraud charges — which included forging homeowners’ signatures on house deeds — Deon was found not guilty in 2018.



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