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Jerry Orbach (Detective Lennie Briscoe) left the show after 12 years to star in the spin-off Law & Order: Trial by Jury (2005). He died of prostate cancer on December 28, 2004 at the age of 69 after filming only two episodes of the series.

Simply so, Did Jerry Orbach have a daughter? Later in his career, Orbach played supporting roles in films such as Prince of the City (1981), Dirty Dancing (1987), Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989), and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (1991).

Jerry Orbach
Spouse(s) Marta Curro ( m. 1958; div. 1975) Elaine Cancilla ( m. 1979)
Children 2, including Chris Orbach

Who is the longest running actor on law and order? The longest-serving main cast members of the original series include Steven Hill as D.A. Adam Schiff (1990–2000), Jerry Orbach as Det. Lennie Briscoe (1992–2004), S. Epatha Merkerson as Lt.

Who inherited Jerry Orbach’s estate? Orbach added Black as a signatory to the company’s account a year before he died in 2004. Black also served as executor of the estate of Orbach’s wife Elaine, who inherited his entire estate and who died in 2009. After Elaine died, her sister, Rita Hubbard, replaced Black as executor.

How many times has Jack McCoy been married?

He is the second-longest tenured character on the show (16 seasons), after Lt.

Jack McCoy
Spouse Ellen ( divorced ) Unnamed ex-wife
Children Rebecca McCoy
Relatives Unnamed nephew Unnamed great-niece
Seasons 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

Secondly Who did Jack McCoy sleep with on law and order? After a short period of time during which McCoy worked alone, ADA Jamie Ross became his partner. Although they had an amicable relationship, they never became lovers. In fact, McCoy never had an affair with any of his assistants after Kincaid’s death and his love life was never mentioned again.

Who was the best assistant DA on Law and Order? Executive Assistant DA Benjamin Stone

As the first prosecutor “Law & Order” fans got to know, Ben Stone seemed like a mild-mannered guy who favored concise language delivered in an almost monotone voice.

Who was the hottest Ada on law and order? 1. Alex Cabot (Stephanie March) Notes: That hair.

How much did Jerry Orbach make per episode of Law & Order?

We used my savings to pay his alimony and child support.” “Law & Order” changed everything. When the show took off, Orbach, who played wise-cracking Detective Lennie Briscoe, was earning six figures per episode, with additional money pouring in from syndication.

What did Jerry Orbach The actor died of? The Tony-winning actor Jerry Orbach, star for almost half a century on Broadway and television, died Tuesday at age 69 of prostate cancer. He was best known as the seen-it-all detective Lennie Briscoe on Law and Order. NPR’s Gloria Hillard reports.

Who attended Jerry Orbach’s funeral?

Among the 300 people paying their respects for the Bronx-born leading man: Chris Noth, Michael Imperioli, Benjamin Bratt, Olympia Dukakis, Brian Dennehy, Danny Aiello and Tony Roberts.


Why did Jill Hennessy leave law and order? The Kincaid character was written out after Hennessy expressed concern about being typecast as an “uptight lawyer”. Kincaid was originally intended to be portrayed as paralyzed and leaving the DA’s office for private practice after the events of “Aftershock”.

What happened to Jill Hennessy on law and order?

In the episode “Aftershock”, Kincaid is killed just as she is considering leaving the DA’s office; her car is struck by a drunk driver as she takes an inebriated Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) home from a bar. … Jamie Ross (Carey Lowell) replaced Kincaid as McCoy’s assistant.

Why did Jill Hennessy Leave Law & Order?

Jill Hennessy’s fear of being typecast led to her Law & Order exit. Titled “Aftermath,” the fateful “Law & Order” episode finds the show’s team reeling after witnessing the execution of a criminal they’d helped convict.

Where is Sam Waterston now? Waterston has a summer home in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.

Which DA was killed on law and order? Alexandra Borgia (d. April 26, 2006) was an Assistant District Attorney on Law & Order from 2005-2006. She was kidnapped, brutally beaten, and killed in the episode “Invaders”, and was succeeded in the District Attorney’s office by Connie Rubirosa.

Why did Carey Lowell leave law and order?

In a case of life imitating art, Lowell requested to leave the show in order to spend more time with her daughter, as she felt that the time she spent filming the drama was causing her to “miss her [daughter’s] childhood”.

Was Michael Moriarty fired from law and order? From 1990 to 1994, Moriarty starred as Ben Stone on Law & Order. He left the show in 1994, alleging that his departure was a result of his threatening a lawsuit against then-Attorney General Janet Reno, who had cited Law & Order as offensively violent.

Why did Serena Southerlyn Leave Law & Order?

Serena Southerlyn was an Assistant District Attorney on Law & Order. … Branch dismissed Southerlyn because he felt that she was too sympathetic to the defendants.

Why did Jill Hennessy leave law and order? The Kincaid character was written out after Hennessy expressed concern about being typecast as an “uptight lawyer”. Kincaid was originally intended to be portrayed as paralyzed and leaving the DA’s office for private practice after the events of “Aftershock”.

Are Ron Orbach and Jerry Orbach related?

Ron Orbach (born March 23, 1953 in Newark, New Jersey) is an actor who played three different characters on Law & Order, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. He is the cousin of the late Jerry Orbach, who is famous for playing Detective Lennie Briscoe on Law & Order.

Where is Jerry Orbach buried? Jerry Orbach: Trinity Church Cemetery

Orbach is interred in a mausoleum at Trinity Church, and his wife, Elaine joined him in 2009.

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