How can you tell if a Disney pin is rare? – Celebrity

If you happen upon a silver pin (without any color), you have found a rare Disney pin. These colorless pins are called ‘Chaser’ pins, are only traded by cast members! While not as rare as the ‘Completer’ pin, a ‘Chaser’ pin can only be received through trading!

Considering this, What are the hidden Mickey pins?

The Hidden Mickey Collection is a way for Cast Members at Disney Parks and Resorts to trade unique pins with Guests. Guests can trade up to two (2) Hidden Mickey pins per Cast Member, per day. “Hidden Mickey Pin” is featured in a small box on the back stamp of each pin.

How do I find out how much my Disney pins are worth?

Accordingly, Will Disney cast members trade fake pins?

All Disney Cast Members will accept them for trades, but they probably are not pins you would want to keep in your collection if you become a serious collector. … If you or your kids are trading pins with Cast Members, you’re going to get scrappers in return. That’s just a fact of pin trading.

Do Disney pins increase in value?

It is an officially supported hobby promoted by Disney. Pins do rise in value and some have commanded over $2,000 in private and public sales on the secondary market, which too this day remains vibrant and active. 2) Pins should be undamaged and in good condition and a trade should not include money, gifts or receipts.

What is a chaser Disney pin?

A chaser is basically a pin released with some form of variation to the original pin design, that are more limited in numbers, and more difficult to get. For example, the Pixar mystery pins….each set of 4 has a chaser set featuring the same picture, but with a variation to the regular limited release pins.

What does ISO mean in pin trading?

ISO (In Search Of)

Are Disney pins hard or soft enamel?

All official Disney trading pins are made with hard enamel, where as Loungefly pins use soft enamel. Hard enamel has a smooth and solid surface, polished to be at the same level as the metal lines of the pin.

How do you make money selling Disney pins?

How to Sell Disney Collectible Pins

  1. We purchase Disney Pin collections! Send us an email at [email protected]
  2. Facebook Groups & Instagram.
  3. Consignment Shops.
  4. Online Auction Sites.
  5. Do Your Homework.

Why are pins so expensive?

Enamel pins are expensive because you must create a mold in order to produce an enamel pin. It doesn’t matter whether you make one pin or 1000 pins, the mold costs the same. And, since the mold is the most expensive part, the fewer pins you make the more expensive the pins will be.

Are pins worth money?

The Disney pins have an original sales price ranging from $6.95 – $75.00, but hard to find and limited-edition pins can appreciate drastically on the secondary collectors’ market. The series which is generally considered the rarest are the “Piece of History” pins.

What is a scrapper Disney pin?

A scrapper pin is a pin that was made by an official Disney factory/manufacturer but did not make quality control. … These pins were meant to be scrapped but the factories decided to keep them and sell them (illegally) On eBay and other unofficial websites.


Can you trade pins at Disneyland 2021?

If you want to take your pin trading to a whole other level, register for the Disney Parks Disney Heroes vs. Villains Digital Pin Experience, occurring Dec. 4, 2021.

Do you need lanyards for Disney World?


Lanyards are a great way to display Disney Park pins so if you’re a pin collector this is a must for your Disney World packing list. They can also work as a nice neck wallet to store your gift cards or credit cards in.

Is there pin trading at Disneyland 2021?

If you want to take your pin trading to a whole other level, register for the Disney Parks Disney Heroes vs. Villains Digital Pin Experience, occurring Dec. 4, 2021. Discover exclusive pins created just for this event, featuring our favorite heroes and villains from Disney, PIXAR, Star Wars, and Marvel.

How do you get free Disney pins?

Where to Get FREE Celebration Disney Buttons. You can get Disney buttons at any Guest Service desk. They are available at all Walt Disney World resorts, Disney World parks ticket counters, and the Guest Relations buildings of each park.

Do Disney cast members still trade pins?

The cast member will open the drawer and present you with your mystery pin in exchange for your Disney pin. Mickey-themed boards: Search the trading board for the Disney pin you would like to trade. The cast member will remove your desired pin from the board and give it to you in exchange for your Disney pin.

How do Disney cast members get their pins?

By the way, some pins cannot be purchased at Walt Disney World. They are distributed to Cast Members to wear on their lanyard or pouch and the only way to get one is to trade for it. … Cast Members MUST trade any pin on their lanyard to any guest who asks, but there is a maximum of two trades per lanyard.

Do all Disney pins have Mickey heads on the back?

Mickey Pin Backs

Official Disney pins all come with a rubber pin back in the shape of Mickey’s head. If a pin is claiming to be new and has a different type of back I would be dubious. … These are one of the easier parts of the pin to get right, so just having an official pin back doesn’t make it official.

What is a zap in pin trading?

A zap is a random act of kindness. Someone thought of you, and wanted to make you smile, so they zapped you.

What does AP mean on Disney pins?

Artist Proof – Artist Proof pins (or AP pins) are created during a manufacturing run to verify quality. AP pins have an AP stamped on their back. Generally 20–24 AP pins are made of each pin per run. Some collectors may value AP pins more than others.

Are Disney pins on eBay fake?

4 Tips to Help You Avoid Buying a Fake on eBay – Disney Pin Trading 101. … They will sell and trade scrappers and fakes as if they were authentic Disney pins and they flood the market with limited edition pins that are in high demand – making them worth virtually nothing.

Can you trade fake Disney pins?

Moreover, Disney allows Cast Members to trade scrappers. Given both of these facts, Walt Disney World’s official stance on these pins is quite clear. … That’s just a fact of pin trading. As such, we highly recommend going the eBay or Amazon route.

Are Disney pins made in China? Most Disney pins, both real and fake, are manufactured in China. When a factory finishes with a legitimate run of real pins, they often discard the old mold. These same molds are then used in counterfeit production runs to create pins that can look nearly identical to the real thing.

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