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Eventually, Skyler cheats on him with her boss Ted. Things almost turn tragic when Skyler cuts his hand with a knife. When Walt becomes a wanted man, Skyler and Walter Jr. are left with no option but to part ways. Walt initially gets into the drug business for the right reasons.

At this point, Skyler only knows that her husband is lying about something, and she begins divorce proceedings. Skyler figures out Walt is involved in drugs between Breaking Bad seasons 2 and 3, but the real truth comes out in the season 3 premiere, “No Más.”

While it’s clear to the audience that Skyler should leave Walt, she doesn’t get to see his descent into evil as we do and Skyler’s motivations for staying with Walt and laundering his money are somewhat realistic as a result. What should we make of the fact that Walter White has never cheated on Skyler?

Skyler’s frustration with her situation with Walt gets to her in several ways: she smoked while pregnant and around her baby, started sleeping with her boss Ted Beneke, and staged a suicide attempt to voice her disgust with Walt’s moral decline. Skyler, it appears, can sometimes act with pride and a controlling personality.

What episode does Walt touch Skyler’s crotch?

Episode 7: In a school board meeting, Walt touches Skyler’s crotch underneath the table. He rubs her crotch, she is clearly turned on. In the next scene, she rides him in the backseat of their car. A lot of thrusting is seen and moaning is heard, but no nudity is depicted.

Episode 1: Walt, in a confused state, shoves Skyler against the kitchen fridge and pulls her panties down, despite her protest. He is about to enter her when she screams at him to stop. He does and exits the room. Episode 3: Walt’s bare buttocks are seen while he is walking through a convince store nude.

Every time Walt Said that Elliot and Gretchen were paying something, that was a lie. The Feuge State was a lie. Everything said in that hospital was a lie. In a frenzy, Walt forced himself on her and Didn’t stop until the third time she said ‘Stop’ (Not counting all of the ‘not now’s).

becomes an indirect reason for the death of Gale Boetticher and a couple of kids who were drug peddlers, Skyler does one mistake and she gets judged and shamed for it. Yes, I agree that Skyler seduced her former boss into a one-night stand which later became a regular affair.

That Skyler has an affinity for weak men is revealed in her affair with Ted Beneke. Although affairs between consenting adults occur, a secret affair behind the husband’s back does not strike me as forthright and brave. On the contrary, it seems weak.

Before this occurred, “Walt” was a pliable, submissive man. He was a high school chemistry teacher, which one easily equates with a bookish nerd. In fact, “Walt” took pride in spouting off random facts beyond the ken of most adult men. “Walt” also avoided conflict with Skyler at all costs. Arguably, Skyler’.

In some ways Walter hurt Skyler. While we may know that Walt did all for Family and didn’t see how he was hurting them, Skyler didn’t know that. She felt ingored. She felt betrayed by all of the lies. Every time Walt Said that Elliot and Gretchen were paying something, that was a lie.



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