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How much of Michael Jackson’s estate is to his children?

Michael Jackson left 40% of his Estate to his 3 kids Prince , Paris and Blanket , 40% to his mother Katherine , and 20% to various charities. He also provided for 3 of his nephews and 3 of his cousins. The Estate’s administrators John Branca and John McClain get a 10% commission for managing the Estate.

It is a fact that Micheal Jacksons childhood was truly horrific. It was abusive. It was strange. He underwent mental and physical abuse from his father, whipping, over the top rehearsals, and demeaning name calling. If you look at his family, almost every member was permanently scarred by it. The difference was Michael Jackson was 8. He was a little kid when all this was happening and was not fully developed emotionally or physically. He responded to that with child-like attitude almost like someone with a Dissociative Identity Disorder who separates them self from the trauma for defensive purposes while still having a personality that was generated from that last point before the trauma. We saw the affect that stardom had on Miley Cyrus at the age of 11 without violent parents. We saw Brittany Spears at 10–11. There are many examples of young people being thrown into fame and they are tragic. It is much worse when they have no family support or their family falls apart during the fame. Michael Jackson went through straight fame for over 30 years before being bombarded accusations. He had no rest at all. He had no privacy in relationships, marriage, or his children.

Arnold Klein, that he couldn’t create sperm because he was kicked in the testicles by Joe Jackson when he was a child.

According to reports, Michael Jackson was unable to generate sperm as a result of his father Joe abusing him as a child.

During Michael Jackson’s trail, he had issues trying to explain himself or his actions because he did not understand the issues hanging out with kids. When people have kids of their own, they will dress up, play pretend, play games, and go to amusement parks.

Macaulay became friends with Michael Jackson at the age of 9.

Michael had three children: Prince Michael I, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II, popularly known as ‘ Blanket ,’ and Paul is sure that Arnold is the biological father of the two oldest.

How many children did Michael Jackson have?

Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson. Picture: Getty. Michael Jackson had three children before his death in 2009, but where are they now and have they followed him into music? Here are all the important facts about Michael Jackson ‘s kids today:

All three found international fame when they attended and spoke at their father’s memorial. Michael Jackson’s kids at his memorial service in 2009. Picture: Getty. In 2010, they were interviewed by Oprah Winfrey about life after their father’s death.

Born Prince Michael Jackson II on February 21, 2002 to an unnamed surrogate mother, Jackson’s third child made became internationally known, when his father dangled him over a balcony railing in Berlin.

The oldest of Jackson’s three children, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr was born on February 13, 1997, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. His mother was Jackson’s second wife Debbie Rowe, though Jackson raised him and his siblings on his own.

Prince Jackson has appeared on various TV shows, including as a guest correspondent on Entertainment Tonight. In 2010, Prince and his sister Paris accepted their father’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2010 Grammys.


Who is Michael Jackson’s biological father?

Our colleagues at Us Weekly are reporting that Los Angeles dermatologist Arnold Klein — Michael’s former doctor and boss of Jackson’s onetime wife, Debbie Rowe — is the biological father of elder children Prince Michael Jr. and Paris. “He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth,” an insider tells the magazine.

As Rolling Stone previously reported, there is no mother named on youngest son Prince Michael II’s birth certificate, though Jackson is listed as the father. Rowe is named as the mother of Prince Michael and Paris, the AP reports.

TMZ also reports that Michael Jackson was not the biological father of any of his three children — and that the superstar did not legally adopt them because there was no presumed third party who would try to take custody of them.


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