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Mariah father earned his living as an aeronautical engineer and her mother was an opera singer. Mariah has two siblings, a sister Allison Carey and a brother Morgan Carey.

Mariah stood by Sharon when her secret was exposed, and was finally truly happy for the first time in her life. She had a mother who adored her, a baby sister she adored, a brother who embraced her as well, and a great friend in Kevin. On her birthday, Mariah decided to wish her deceased twin a happy birthday, and went to visit her grave.

Mariah Carey’s Twins Are the Cutest! Carey was devastated, but determined. She cut out unnecessary work demands and focused entirely on preparing her body “to healthily hold and sustain life,” she wrote.

Online It feels like only yesterday that Dem Kids were Dem Babies, but Mariah Carey’s twins, Monroe and Moroccan Cannon, are turning 10! Here’s a peek inside their unrepentantly glamorous existence

What did Alison say to Mariah?

In 2015, when a home invasion attack left her needing expensive brain and spine surgery, Alison pleaded for Mariah’s help. “Mariah I love you, and I desperately need your help, ” she said in a video published by The Daily Mail. “Please don’t abandon me like this.”

Alison’s struggles began before Mariah became a star. The sisters grew up on Long Island, but when their parents separated in 1973, when Alison was 11 and Mariah was three, Alison went to live with their father and Mariah lived with their mother. In a 1995 TV interview, Alison said she and her sister were raised very differently, …

Meet the Season 7 Cast of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. Although Mariah Carey is one of the most successful pop stars of all time — she’s worth $520 million and has a laundry list of awards and achievements to her name — her sister, Alison Carey, who bears a striking resemblance to the celebrity, has lived a far darker life.

In a 1995 TV interview, Alison said she and her sister were raised very differently, which made her “jealous. ”. “My parents made me say, ‘I am an interracial child,’ which is going to alienate you right there,” Alison, who has a black father and a white mother, said in the interview. “My mother said, ‘Nothing like that will happen with Mariah.

Mariah’s brother still doesn’t think the singer is doing enough. (Photo Credit: YouTube) In 2016, Morgan Carey, Mariah’s brother, started speaking out against the singer, even going so far as to call her “evil” for not doing enough to help her sister.

Who is Mariah Carey’s sister?

Mariah Carey’s sister, Alison Carey in an interview in the ’90s | Source: YouTube/InsideEdition. Around that time, Alison also became addicted to drugs. And for Mariah, her sister became an example of what not do in life, as she told Barbara Walters in a “20/20” interview back in 1998: “It was a very difficult thing to see,” Mariah said …

Morgan, on the other hand, called Mariah a “ self-obsessed singer ” for not helping his sister cover her healthcare bills.


Alison has asked Mariah for help many times. On one occasion, she claimed that she needed help to buy clothes for her two youngest children and keep a roof above their heads.

Patricia had decided that Alison as unfit to care for her son, and after moving Michael out of what she considered was a dangerous home, she took Alison to court to fight for custody of the boy. Mariah sided with her mother and set up a trust fund for Michael.

When Mariah was 3 years old, and Alison was 11, their parents separated. Alison went to live with her father in Long Island, and Mariah lived with her mother.

Still, along the way, Mariah Carey lost one crucial thing: a healthy relationship with her siblings.

Mariah and Alison’s relationship seems to be estranged still, and the same goes for Morgan, who is married and lives in Italy.

Who are Mariah Carey’s siblings?

Mariah’s brother, Morgan, 61, and sister Alison, 59, were both subjects in Mariah’s memoir and have both sued the singer for what they believe was a defamation of character.

In Mariah’s book, she wrote that at only 12 years old, her older sister, Alison introduced the singer to a life of drugs, violence, and trauma.

On Feb. 2, news broke that Alison is suing Mariah for emotional distress as a result of the release of her 2020 memoir The Meaning of Mariah Carey. In the book, Mariah detailed the abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her family. Just over a month later, Mariah’s brother, Morgan Carey, filed papers for unspecified damages.

It is because of their rocky relationship history that Mariah now refers to her siblings as her ex-brother and ex-sister. She continued, “They just grew up with the experience of living with a Black father and a white mother together as a family and I was for the most part living with my mother, which they saw as easier, but in reality, it was not. They have always thought that my life was easy.”

Now, Morgan Carey has filed a lawsuit in New York as well, over “defamation and the intentional infliction of emotional distress.”. He is seeking unspecified damages, and he wants a judge to rule that “many of the passages… are false and defamatory.”. In the infamous memoir, Mariah alleged that her brother would often get violent …


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