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Therefore, Hope dying in ‘Legacies’ is a real possibility. Now, a certain character dying would spell the end of the journey for them, but you mustn’t forget this is ‘The Vampire Diaries’ universe after all, and death is just a new beginning here.

Yes, really. Now, Russell has shared her thoughts on the show hyping up Hope’s possible death. Hope Mikaelson, the witch, werewolf and vampire daughter of The Originals ’ Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall, has gone through more than enough in the first three seasons of Legacies.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Season 1 finale of Legacies. Read at your own risk!] Legaciestook some big swings in its first season, but none so big as killing off Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) in the Season 1 finale.

However, while this change has been welcomed by many fans of Legacies, it does come at a cost to the spinoff. Ever since Legacies season 4 killed off Landon and turned Hope into the Tribrid, the once-sweet series heroine has been a ruthless, killer villain who is nigh on unstoppable.

Both season 1 and season 2 finales feature “fakeout” deaths for Hope. In the first season’s finale, Hope sacrifices herself to stop Malivore from escaping, and in the second season’s finale, she is rendered comatose due to a curse. As the threats Hope faces grow in power, she might actually lose her life in the process of defeating them.

The fact that Legacies season 4 had Hope switch bodies with Aurora was already a concerning development for the show as, while it was fun to see a familiar face return to the franchise, the plot was clearly padding designed to drag out Hope’s villainous turn.

Who plays Hope in Legacies?

Fans watched as main character Hope Mikaelson (played by Danielle Rose Russell) sacrificed herself for the fate of the world to stop the demon Malivore from rising and returning to Earth.

An added plight to Hope’s fate is the fact that no one remembers her, as everyone’s minds have been erased containing all of their memories of her existence. However, she did leave Alaric a note, which may kick off the story line in the next installment.

What season of Legacies does Hope kill off?

Legacies season 3 needs to kill off Hope Mikaelson so the show’s heroine can access the vampire element of her Tribrid powers and beat Malivore.

Legacies has spent a while hinting at the fact that that to defeat Malivore, Hope has to become the Tribrid (a hybrid witch, werewolf, and vampire). However, while this is her character’s destiny, to achieve these powers Hope would need to fully embrace becoming the Tribrid over all else – meaning she must die.

Debuting in late 2018, Legacies is a spinoff of The Originals, which is itself a spinoff of the ‘00s CW hit The Vampire Diaries. Like its predecessors, Legacies mixes teen drama with supernatural horror elements to create a fast-paced paranormal soap.


Legacies has thus far been unable to recapture the magic of its predecessors for many fans, but killing off Hope and bringing her back as the Tribrid could make the heroine a stronger, more powerful protagonist and reignite interest in the series as a result.


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