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Stories from behind the scenes say that Lesnar was not a fan of a young, up and coming Cena. One source actually stated, “Brock absolutely positively hated and detested John Cena!” Lesnar reportedly bad-mouthed Cena to Vince McMahon many times, especially anytime Cena was doing something being perceived as positive.

Accordingly, Who is John Cena’s wife?

WWE wrestler and movie star John Cena is a married man. Cena and girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh were married in a private ceremony on Monday in Tampa, according to multiple reports. The couple had been dating since early 2019.

Moreover, Who is the best friend of John Cena?

John Cena & Randy Orton are best friend in real life | Wwe couples, John cena, Wwe superstars.

Also Are Goldberg and Brock Lesnar friends?

Despite the heated rivalry and matches that they had, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are good friends in real life. … Speaking to CBSSports in 2018, he said that if it weren’t for Brock Lesnar, he would never have had the opportunity to return to WWE: “Brock fought for it and he brought the world to me,” Goldberg said.

Who is John Cena’s new girlfriend?

Celebrated WWE star John Cena is a married man once again as he tied the knot with girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh in a quiet, private ceremony in Florida on Wednesday. While Cena has not made it public, local media in the United States confirmed the wedding, citing official records from Florida.

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What is John Cena’s real name?

John Cena, in full John Felix Anthony Cena, Jr., (born April 23, 1977, West Newbury, Massachusetts, U.S.), American professional wrestler, actor, and author who first gained fame with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) organization and later had success in movies and books.

What is Nikki Bella’s real name?

Now retired, Brie Bella — whose full name is Brianna Monique Danielson — won the Divas Championships in 2011 and sister Nikki — who is Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace — eventually won two titles as well.

Who is John Cena’s enemy?

Randy Orton is a third-generation American professional wrestler who has appeared in many WWE games.

Who is best friends in WWE?

10 WWE Superstars Who Are Best Friends in Real Life

  • #8. Ryback and Daniel Bryan.
  • #7. CM Punk and Kofi Kingston.
  • #6. Chris Jericho and Big Show.
  • #5. Big E and AJ Lee.
  • #4. Edge and Christian.
  • #3. Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar.
  • #2. Sheamus and Triple H.
  • #1. John Cena and Randy Orton.

Who is AJ’s best friend?

In real life, A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels are best friends, and both men have named their sons’ middle names after one another – Styles’ son, Ajay Covell Jones, with Daniels’ real last name, and Daniels’ son, Joshua Allen Covell, with Styles’ real first name, from which comes the A. in A.J. Styles.

Who does Brock Lesnar respect?

Former WWE Champion says he earned Brock Lesnar’s respect backstage. Seth Rollins has revealed he earned Brock Lesnar’s respect during their WWE Universal Championship rivalry. The former Shield member took part in a Gorilla Position live show alongside his fiancée, Becky Lynch, in December 2019.

Is Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman friends in real life?

The former Advocate to Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, has detailed his close friendship with The Beast Incarnate, saying there’s never been a “cross word” in their 20 years of knowing each other. … And in the 20 years that we have been friends and business associates, we have never had a cross word.

Are Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar friends?

“My circle of friends at the time were Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin,” Angle said. “We did a lot of traveling together and that was my unit. Those were my best friends, those were my guys I hung out with the most.”

Who is the poorest wrestler?

WWE Superstars Who are Poor and Those Who Are Rich

  • Marty Jannetty: Poorer. Marty Jannetty has been in the wrestling business since the 90s and he failed to make his mark in the early 90s. …
  • Kurt Angle: Filthy Rich. …
  • Dolph Ziggler: Poorer. …
  • The Big Show: Filthy Rich. …
  • Mick Foley: Poorer.

Is Daniel Bryan still married to Brie Bella?

Despite Brie and Bryan’s marriage reaching a complete “breaking point,” the couple are very much still in love and have not gotten a divorce. … The couple got back on track and found their way back to one another. Last summer, they welcomed their second child, son Buddy Danielson, on Aug. 1, 2020.

How did Shay Shariatzadeh meet John Cena?

Mere days after his wedding to Shay Shariatzadeh, John Cena had a chat with ET’s Nischelle Turner and revealed that he met her while shooting a movie. He was on the set of Playing With Fire in Vancouver when he noticed a group of women at a restaurant. … Cena made it a point to keep his relationship private, though.

Who is John Cena’s dad?

Early life. John Felix Anthony Cena was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts, on April 23, 1977, the son of Carol (née Lupien) and John Cena Sr. His mother is of English and French-Canadian descent, while his father has Italian ancestry.

What’s John Cena’s net worth?

John Cena is worth an estimated US$60 million, taking him a long way from his days of having to compete in eating contests to get a free meal. But the WWE star hasn’t just relied on wrestling to earn his fortune. Here’s how the 44-year-old American entertainer built his wealth.

Who is dating John Cena?

After dating each other for over a year, John Cena and Shay Shariatzadeh got married in a private ceremony on October 12, 2020.

What is John Cena’s net worth?

John Cena is worth an estimated US$60 million, taking him a long way from his days of having to compete in eating contests to get a free meal. But the WWE star hasn’t just relied on wrestling to earn his fortune. Here’s how the 44-year-old American entertainer built h
is wealth.

Who is Cena’s biggest enemy?

John Cena’s 10 Best Feuds, Ranked

  1. 1 Randy Orton. The class of 2002 featured John Cena and Randy Orton both making their debuts on the main roster.
  2. 2 Edge. One of John Cena’s most important rivals was Edge. …
  3. 3 CM Punk. …
  4. 4 Brock Lesnar. …
  5. 5 AJ Styles. …
  6. 6 The Rock. …
  7. 7 Shawn Michaels. …
  8. 8 Kurt Angle. …

Who is CM Punk best friend?

CM Punk developed a friendship with Kofi Kingston over his time in WWE. They have a lot of things in common, for example, they are both fans of video games and superheroes. Kingston is probably the best friend CM Punk ever had in the company.

Who is highest paid wrestler in WWE?

For example, Brock Lesnar is WWE’s highest-paid performer, and he made $12 million in 2020, putting him among the top 10 NHL salaries.

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