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How many children did Bob Ross have?

Ross had one son, Robert Stephen “Steve” Ross, with his first wife, Vivian Ridge. Steve, also a talented painter, occasionally appeared on The Joy of Painting and became a Ross-certified instructor. Steve appeared on camera in the last episode of Season 1, in which he read a series of general “how-to” questions sent in by viewers during the season, and Bob answered them one at a time, technique by technique, until he had completed an entire painting. Ross fathered one other child from a relationship he had as a teenager.

Ross and Ridge’s marriage ended in divorce in 1977, allegedly due to Ross’s infidelity. Ross and his second wife, Jane, had no children together. In 1992, Jane died of cancer. In 1995, two months before his death, Ross married for a third time, to Lynda Brown.

He was spoofed in the YouTube web series Epic Rap Battles of History in the episode “Bob Ross vs. Pablo Picasso ” .

Despite the unusually high supply of original paintings, Bob Ross original paintings are scarce on the art market, with sale prices of the paintings averaging in the thousands of dollars and frequently topping $10,000.

Ross used a wet-on-wet oil painting technique of painting over a thin base layer of wet paint. The painting could progress without first drying. The technique used a limited selection of tools and colors that didn’t require a large investment in expensive equipment. Ross frequently recommended odorless paint thinner ( odorless mineral spirits) for brush cleaning.

Small animals often appeared on his Joy of Painting canvases. Ross painted an estimated 30,000 paintings during his lifetime.

Early life. Ross was born in Daytona Beach, Florida, to Jack and Ollie Ross, a carpenter and a waitress respectively, and raised in Orlando, Florida. As an adolescent, Ross cared for injured animals, including armadillos, snakes, alligators and squirrels, one of which was later featured in several episodes of his television show.

What did Bob Ross do as a child?

As a child, Ross loved animals and spent his time, taking care of injured animals that came across his way. After just a year in high school, he dropped out and started working for his dad. In 1961, Bob Ross enlisted in the United States Air Force where he would spend the next 20 years of his life.

Ross remarried three years later, in 1995, to a woman named Lynda brown. His marriage to Lynda lasted until his death that same year. The painter has only one child, a son named Steven. Steven is a product of his first marriage and was born on the 1 st of August 1966.

Ross completed at least 30,000 paintings in his lifetime.

Ross became a popular figure in the 80s thanks to his TV show, The Joy of Painting. His show taught people how to paint utilizing the wet-on-wet technique. Armed with a cool demeanor and a reassuring tone, Ross simplified the art of painting for his loyal audience.

Net Worth. At the time of his demise, Bob Ross had a net worth of $6 million. His fortune did not come from his popular show as he was not paid for it. Rather it came from his company, Bob Ross Inc. The company sold instructional videos and books. They also offered training sessions on the wet-on-wet technique.

Bob Ross was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1994. Despite his outgoing personality, he was still a man who preferred to keep his private life, private. As such, he kept his illness away from the attention of the public. Ross died on the 4 th of July 1995. He was 52 at the time of his death and was buried in Gotha, Florida. Even though Ross has been late for more than two decades, his legacy still lives on. Episodes of his shows are now available on Netflix, YouTube, and In 2013, some YouTubers staged a contest between him and the famous painter Pablo Picasso. The video of the contest has been viewed more than 33 million times.

Bob Ross Biography. Robert Norman Ross was born on the 29 th of October, 1942 in Daytona Beach, Florida. His father, Jack, was a carpenter and a Cherokee Indian while his mother, Ollie was a waitress. He also had a half-brother named Jim.



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