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In the fifth season, Blake is fired as Secretary McCord’s personal assistant-per an agreement between the two that he would seek career advancement within a year-and then rehired as her assistant policy advisor.

In the sixth season, Blake has become the Personal Secretary to President McCord. Daisy Grant is the press coordinator for United States Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord. She is portrayed by Patina Miller . During the first season, Daisy dates fellow State Department staffer Matt Mahoney.

Though Daisy officially stepped down from her role as press secretary, Patina Miller is scheduled to appear in the next episode, meaning that the beloved character’s journey on the show isn’t over. In Madam Secretary, the country was spared a Donald Trump-esque leader.

CBS drama Madam Secretary kicked one of its main characters out of the oval office on the Nov. 3 episode following a pretty substantial political scandal.

What did Blake stress about?

Blake also stresses about finding a new job as his final days as Elizabeth’s assistant rapidly approaches. The political coup that Dupont created was selfish and had no facts or hard evidence to back up his accusations.

I agree with Elizabeth when she told Galbert that his sacrifice will not save his country, his survival will. Meanwhile, Blake worries about his future at the State Department. He enlists Jay’s help in preparing for potential interviews which did not seem to go very well.

What is the Madam Secretary show about?

Like many of the show’s cast and creatives say, Madam Secretary is a show that they hope inspires people. Whether they’re portraying politics as truthfully as possible, or sometimes dramatizing situations, the idea of a strong female leader working with a team to get good things done for the improvement of the world still enacts hope and inspiration for its audiences.

The show’s episode titled “Revelation” follows Blake on a day where he’s dedicated to serving Elizabeth, just another normal day for him. But what made this episode special is that Blake revealed to Elizabeth that he was bisexual. Bergen described Blake as being “married to his work, like so many people I meet in DC.” What this reveal did on the show was show Elizabeth that she was someone Blake trusted and wanted to share that part of his life with, in hopes that it wouldn’t affect his work. Elizabeth responds with a wholesome hug.

Part of Blake’s role as a personal aide to the secretary is to make sure that whenever a crisis or a dangerous situation arises that the McCord family is always safe and accounted for. Knowing the McCord children from an early stage in the secretary’s career developed a closeness between Blake and the family.

One of the most intriguing and likable characters on the show is the Secretary’s personal aide, Blake Moran, played by stage and screen actor Erich Bergen. From his fast-thinking, highly organized, and hilariously blunt way of approaching his work in Washington, Moran has quickly become a fan favorite. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Secretary’s personal aide!

To a degree, Bergen has always been a part of the big city. From being born and raised in New York and working in entertainment capitals like LA and NYC, it’s no surprise he’d carry a bit of this to Blake’s character too.



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