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#LEGOMASTERS LEGO masters was good but hopefully next season there isn’t as much favoritism. Tyler and Amy should have gone last week, and Mark and Boone’s build was way better this week. Oh well.

In our interview, we talk to “The Newlyweds” Tyler and Amy about how they came to be a team and prepared for the show, what their favorite moments were, and if they have continued building together since. Congratulations on welcoming a new LEGO Master in the near future! Is the baby going to have a LEGO themed nursery?

Tyler: Amy’s introduction into LEGO was primarily just her coming into the LEGO room, spending time with me as we listen to music and she would help me sort. I think after the intensity of LEGO Masters, she still favors the relaxation of sorting instead of building

One of the biggest surprises from Season 1 had nothing to do at all with LEGOs-it was the reveal that the season’s eventual winners (newlyweds Amy and Tyler Clites) were going to be parents. If you thought that moment packed a particularly effective emotional punch, that’s because Amy’s pregnancy was a complete surprise to everyone-even Tyler.

What did Brickmaster Amy feel about Peacock and the Monkey?

Brickmaster Amy also felt that Jessica and Sam’s Peacock & the Monkey build possessed a “wow factor.” “They elevated LEGO from just a toy to actually a work of art,” she added.

The newlyweds beat out artists Jessica and Sam and pals Mark and Boone in the season 1 finale of the Fox competition show

He also announced that the winning statue will be displayed at LEGOLAND New York Resort, which pushed its summer 2020 opening to 2021 in response to the ongoing health crisis.

But unlike earlier in the season, the participants weren’t able to be present when Jamie and Amy judged their builds and therefore could not defend their concepts. Luckily, the Brickmasters were pretty impressed with all three final structures.

When is the Lego Masters finale?

Oh, baby, ‘LEGO Masters’ finale lands like a brick on outraged fans who dispute choice of winner. by Kurt Schlosser on April 16, 2020 at 10:21 am. April 16, 2020 at 10:30 am. (FOX Image) The suspense was building, along with the epic LEGO builds, on the finale of the FOX series “LEGO Masters” on Wednesday night.

Sam and Jessica played to their whimsy, building a big peacock getting one of its tail feathers plucked by a monkey.



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