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On one hand Nathan can use the resources and premise of the show to justify spending time with Maci, but it’s also worth noting that Maci’s very profession means she is skilled in making people like Nathan, people who are alone and looking for connection, feel wanted and special.

Once, Sarah’s ex-husband, Fielder, finds himself on a date with a lady named Maci during Nathan For You’s the two-hour season finale in November 2017. Even after the Nathan show ended, they were seen holding hands, forming an increasingly ambiguous relationship. But, the Canadian Idol writer and a lady never confirmed about their affairs.

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Nathan is a Canadian comedian, actor, director, writer, producer, and entrepreneur renowned for co-creating, directing and starring in the Comedy Central parody Nathan for You (2013-2017) and executive producing How John Wilson (2020-present). Who is Heather Clem? The story of Bubba the Love Sponge’s ex-wife

How much is Nathan Worth?

From his comic and acting profession, Nathan makes a good amount of money. As of 2020, she has an impressive $3 Million net worth, which is similar to Anthony Byrne. He amassed this fortune throughout his strong career as a writer, comedian, actor, and entrepreneur.

A Canadian writer, comedian, actor, and entrepreneur, Nathan Fielder is best known for creating and starring in the Comedy Central show Nathan for You. After finishing the Nathan For You in October 2018, he began working as executive producer for the documentary series How To with John Wilson.



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