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Myer’s niece, Jamie Lloyd, becomes pregnant during the series and a “producer’s cut” of the sixth film reveals her baby is Michael’s. According to this extended version of the film, the administrator of Smith’s Grove Sanitarium arranged a get-together for Myers and his niece, with Lloyd being an unwilling participant.

Did Michael Myers Have A child? In the Producer’s Cut of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, It is strongly hinted that the Cult of Thorn coerced Michael into raping Jamie and getting her pregnant, culminating in his fathering a child named Steven Lloyd. He is a supporting character in the Halloween film franchise.

The student’s report chronicles Jamie’s being hunted and eventually killed by her uncle, Michael Myers. Upon hearing this oral presentation in the classroom, a grief-stricken Keri/Laurie then retreats to a restroom and throws up.

Myers has been unmasked during the final moments of Halloween (1978) where Laurie Strode manages to pull the mask off Michael during a struggle. The other rime where he is unmasked is during Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers where he removes his mask when he’s about to kill his niece Jamie and she begs to see his face.

Who played Myers twice?

George Wilbur became the first person to portray Myers twice when he played the baddie in the fourth Halloween film, and then the sixth. Tyler Mane would later become the second.

Myers was sent to an insane asylum when he was six years old, so some fans were understandably confused when he could drive in the first Halloween film. The Halloween novelization explains that Myers would watch Dr. Sam Loomis closely when he was being driven to court hearings.

Myers is known for shrugging off a lot of damage, such as gunshots. Writer Debra Hill said the simple idea behind Myers and the script as a whole is that you can’t kill evil. Hill and Carpenter drew inspiration from Samhain, the Gaelic festival. Samhain viewed Halloween as a time when spirits attack the living. So, in a way, Myers is an angry spirit who can’t be killed.

Michael Myers’ iconic mask is actually a William Shatner mask that is painted white and changed to blur the resemblance to Shatner. The Halloween mask is painted white, the hair is spray-painted brown, and the eyes are enlarged.

Myers is unmasked twice in the series. The first reveal in Halloween comes during Myer’s fight with Laurie Strode. The second unmasking comes in Halloween 5, where Myers unmasks for his niece (Laurie Strode’s daughter), Jamie Lloyd.

An extended version of Halloween aired on TV in 1979. One of the scenes shows Myers’ medical records, revealing that his middle name is Aubrey. Some sources also say it is Audrey.

Myers is apparently a cat guy. Myers is shown killing dogs in Halloween 1, 4, and 5. However, Halloween 5 also shows Myers killing two people in a cabin, but then sparing the box of kittens in the same room. Purrfect Cat Breeds.

What does Jamie see in the mirror?

Jamie sees the “nightmare” man. Once they get there, Jamie goes off to find the perfect costume which she finds in a clown suit. While Jamie looks at herself with the clown costume in the mirror, she sees a young boy in the same outfit with a bloody knife.


They are taken to Meeker’s house where the girls are told to remain until they can fully figure out what is happening. While Jamie and Rachel wait in a bedroom, Brady comes in to check up on them. He asks what is wrong and Rachel answers Michael Myers, Brady has no clue who he is, so Rachel briefly explains it to him.

During her time as a captive of the Thorn, Jamie had become impregnated. On October 30, 1995, she had given birth to a baby boy who was taken away by the man in black. Thinking that she’ll probably never see her son again, Jamie rested until she was awakened by Mary. The three try to escape Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, but Mary decides to stay behind once they reach the exit. Jamie and her son run outside and find a small opening in a fence and escape through it. Jamie finds a truck and gets in and the owner of the truck asks what she is doing. Jamie tries to warn the man to come in with her and escape but it’s too late for the man as Michael snaps his neck and Jamie drives off. On her way to find safety, she listens to the radio where they are talking about the Haddonfield murders. She finds an empty bus deport and stops off there to find help. Since no one is in the building she decides to call the radio that she heard and begs for help from Sam Loomis and warns everyone that Michael is back. She then goes to the restroom where she tries to keep her son from crying and enjoys the brief time she has with him. At the moment, the light goes off and Jamie knows that Michael has found them. Jamie hides her baby while she hides out in a restroom as Michael searches for them. Jamie finds a small window to crawl out of and escapes back to the truck.

Loomis and the police take Jamie to the Myers house where they place her in Judith’s bedroom and have her comb her hair in a similar manner as did Judith on the night she was murdered. Outside the police and Loomis have the house surrounded while deputy Charlie Bloch stays in the same room with Jamie.

Jamie and her son run outside and find a small opening in a fence and escape through it. Jamie finds a truck and gets in and the owner of the truck asks what she is doing.

While this is mostly based off Laurie and Jimmy’s limited interactions in that film, the assumption is largely based on commonly held belief among Halloween fans that Jimmy’s last name was “Lloyd”, just like Jamie’s.

On October 30, 1989 , Jamie suffers from a nightmare where she learns that Michael is still alive and is coming to get her. The next morning Rachel, her friend Tina and their dog Max have come to visit her and give her a princess costume for Halloween.


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