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Who are the brothers in Luis Miguel?

The singer has two younger brothers, Alejandro and Sergio, whom he was very close with when they were growing up. However, after the death of their father, their relationship changed. In Season 2 of Luis Miguel: The Series, one of the timelines that viewers will be shown will be in the ’90s, where Luis Miguel …

They stopped talking to one another after Luis supposedly wanted to buy a house in Spain for Sergio and the doctor to live in. But Sergio wished to continue his studies in the United States, and go to school at Boston College and go to Harvard Law School, but Luis wanted his brother to attend college in England.

He makes his millions from being in charge of multiple companies, from gas stations to construction companies, and lives in Mexico. New episodes of Luis Miguel: The Series air every Sunday on Netflix. Advertisement.

The Netflix series Luis Miguel: The Series, which is now in its second season, has revived the controversial life of the famous singer Luis Miguel. His childhood and youth were full of family conflicts that reached their peak with the death of his father, Luisito Rey, and the disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri.

After Luis’s grandmother wasn’t willing to give full custody of Sergio to him, the family’s doctor, Octavio Foncerrada, is the one who ends up taking care of Sergio, and the two move to Boston. Over the years, Luis takes care of Sergio’s monetary needs.

Luis does keep in touch with his other younger brother, Alejandro. Per NewsBeezer, the “Te Necesito” singer was seen out at an exclusive Miami bowling alley in 2018 celebrating Alejandro’s birthday. Alejandro even took to Instagram in April of 2018 to wish his older brother a happy birthday, posting a photo of Luis on stage.

Sergio told him, ‘Wait for me a little while,’ there was a distancing then, Luis Miguel cut off his financial support, and they also eliminated any trace of relationship and contact.”. Sergio and Luis never repaired their relationship and do not speak, and it appears that Alejandro does not speak with Sergio either.

Who is Luis Miguel’s brother?

The pilgrimage of Sergio, Luis Miguel’s younger brother: this is how the series portrayed what happened to him. One of the great mysteries in the life of Luis Miguel is his relationship with his brothers, especially with the youngest: Sergio, whom we can get to know more thanks to his appearance in the second season of the singer’s biographical …

In the presentation, promoted by the same uncle “Tito”, the little “Sergiño” interprets a song that Luis Miguel also sang in his childhood: There is a something. After this situation, the singer and Álex Basteri make the decision to transfer the child to Mexico clandestinely and without the consent of Matilde or Tito.

Currently, he is an adult and lives in Madrid, as revealed by Maricarmen Gallego to Windowing.

The name of Sergio Basteri appeared from the beginning of this new installment, when Luisito Rey’s mother and the interpreter fought for his custody. According to the singer, his paternal family seeks to lead the little one to dabble in music and exploit him as they did with him.

And indeed, the interpreter began a legal process in Madrid, Spain, waiting to obtain full parental authority, but his fury was unleashed after he learned more about the fate of Marcela de Basteri.

A similar event did occur in 1993, when Vicente Gallego, the brothers’ uncle, presented him to the world to perform a song by Luisito Rey. On that occasion the boy made strong statements in which he claimed that his older brother had forgotten about his own family.

Sergio is also the father of a girl and dedicates a large part of his life to his family, while working in a clothing store. A photograph of Luis Miguel’s brothers went viral in 2019, a good relationship is presumed.


Why did Luis Miguel propose to Sergio Bastieri?

This was exactly what Luis Miguel proposed to Sergio Bastieri to live abroad, taking him away from his elder brother’s fame in Mexico, because He was highly exposed to harassment from the media.

Fonserada commented that he then questioned the singer about what he would do with his brother’s guardianship, And at the same time he decided to offer to take care of her, but outside Mexico.


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