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Hayley Kiyoko Alcroft (Japanese: u30d8u30a4u30eau30fcu30fbu30adu30e8u30b3, Hepburn: Heiru012b Kiyoko Arcroft, born April 3, 1991) portrayed Megan King in the season premiere of Season Five in The Vampire Diaries.

Simply so, Is Hayley Kiyoko white? What is Hayley Kiyoko’s ethnicity? Hayley was born in Los Angeles, California. Her father is from Ohio, and has German, Welsh, English and Scottish ancestry and her mother is from Canada, and is of Japanese ancestry.

Was Hayley Kiyoko on Disney Channel? Hayley Kiyoko Alcroft is an American actress, singer-songwriter, musician, and dancer of Japanese descent. She is best known for playing Velma Dinkley in Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins and Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster, as well as Stella Yamada in the Disney Channel film Lemonade Mouth.

What happened Hayley Kiyoko? The concussion impacted her life and career. In her interview with NPR, Kiyoko revealed she wrote an over five-minute-long song, “Mercy/Gatekeeper,” on her first album, Expectations, about the depression she was dealing with as part of post-concussion syndrome.

Who is Megan Elena?

Megan King was Caroline and Elena’s roommate at Whitmore College, before she was killed by Enzo St. John, a former Augustine Vampire. Megan was also a former patient to Grayson Gilbert. Grayson helped cure a incurable disease that Megan was suffering with as a child, using vampire blood.

Secondly Why did Silas want Katherine? At the end of the episode it is revealed why Silas wants Katherine. Katherine’s blood is now the Cure since she took it and Silas wants her so he can drain her blood and get rid of the Cure once and for all, while Tessa wants Katherine so that she can take the Cure and kill Silas herself.

What is Elena from vampire Diaries real name? After teenager Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) fell for vampire Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and later his bad boy brother, Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), fans were forced to decide which of the two heartthrobs they’d want to romance.

Who killed Aaron’s parents vampire Diaries? Aaron discovered in The Cell that Damon was the vampire who killed his parents.

Who plays Megan King?


Year Title Role
2012 Blue Lagoon: The Awakening Helen
2013 The Vampire Diaries Megan King
2014 The Fosters Gabi
2015–2016 CSI: Cyber Raven Ramirez

Who is Silas true self? It’s revealed Silas had regenerated due to Bonnie’s death and shows his true face; he is Stefan’s doppelganger, and Stefan was meant to be a “shadow self” , a version of Silas that could die.

Who was Silas true love?

Silas was deeply and passionately in love with his true love and soulmate; a young lady named Amara (who is the original the progenitor of the Petrova doppelgänger bloodline).

Who is the oldest vampire in vampire Diaries? Mikael is the oldest of the Original Family and considered the strongest and most powerful vampire in existence, easily able to overpower Elijah.


Is Elena a traveler?

We also know that Elena is a descendant of Katherine, being a Petrova doppelganger. This makes Elena also a traveller And by extension her daughter Stephanie is also a traveller.

Is Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev twins?

Looking like they were separated at birth, lookalikes Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice are actually not related. … Born in Hollywood, Florida, in 1993, Victoria Justice is of mixed European and of Puerto Rican ancestry. Nina is of Bulgarian ethnicity and was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, four years earlier, in 1989.

Does Nina Dobrev have kids? Nina Dobrev has no children.

What is Damon’s Augustine number? He asks Wes about it and when Was asks why he cares, Damon reveals that he was number 21051 once. Wes realizes that Damon was an Augustine vampire and when Damon hears the name he remembers things from his past.

What is Sybil in TVD?

Sybil, initially known as the Armory’s Monster, was first introduced in the season finale of the seventh season and was the main antagonist of the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries.

What are Augustine vampires? Initially the term Augustine Vampire referred to a normal vampire who has been captured and made a test subject to the many experiments carried out by the Augustine Society. … Wes’ ultimate goal was for vampires to fatally feed on each other until the species killed itself entirely.

How are April and Shane connected?

When the two realized that Rebekah and her brother Kol were torturing Shane for information, April helped Bonnie cast a protection spell with Expression magic and Qetsiyah’s talisman; unfortunately for April, the spell had unintended side effects, and it was quickly revealed that April had been linked to Shane when Kol

Is Silas older than Klaus? Silas is the second oldest male character in the series universe (after Arcadius who is over 1,000+ years older than him), being 1,000+ years older than the oldest male Original Vampires such as Elijah and Klaus.

How did Silas become a witch again?

Qetsiyah gave Silas an ultimatum after Silas had found out that Amara had “died”: to surrender to her, give up his immortality and take the cure so that he would become a mortal witch again, with the intention that he spend the rest of his mortal life with Qetsiyah instead.

Was Silas a traveler? The Travelers were an ancient community of gifted witches who apparently used powerful magic to achieve great things, including things that were frowned upon by other witches. Qetsiyah and Silas were two members of the Travelers and considered to be their most powerful members.

Is Qetsiyah A Bennett?

Qetsiyah is a distant ancestor of the Bennett Family.

Who was Tatia Petrova? Tatia Petrova

Lenissa Mikaelson
Biographical information
Played by Paige Alexandra Morgan
First seen The Voodoo (face unseen) Mother and Son (identity revealed)
Last seen Wait For You

Who is Klaus afraid of?

Esther is, along with Mikael, one of the two beings that Klaus truly feared; Klaus is only afraid of Esther, because she knows the Spell that turned him and his half-siblings into vampires, or in Klaus’ case into a hybrid, and can turn them back into humans again, or in Klaus’ case into a werewolf again; however, …

Is S
ilas the first vampire? silas is the first imortal being and not a vampire, so the originals are original because they were the first vampires. The Originals can still be considered as the Originals because they are the first Vampires to be created from Esther’s ritual.

How Old Is Mikael in vampire Diaries?

Portrayed by Sebastion Roché
Sex Male
Age 1000+

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