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The new amendment can be applied to all drug cases after Nov. 1, 2014, which made Flenory eligible. Flenory has already served nearly 16 years and 50 Cent is currently producing an upcoming television series on the Flenory brothers and their BMF criminal empire, which will debut on Starz next year.

Prosecutors found nothing to charge Charles and Lucille with as they played no role in the drug trade. Sadly, Charles Flenory passed away in early July 2017. On the 4th anniversary of Charles’ death, Lucille posted the following message on Instagram:

Incarcerated BMF co-founder Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory got some good news on Monday, June 14, as he received a reduction in his prison sentence. U.S. District Judge David M. Lawson reduced Flenory’s sentence from 360 months to 324 months, cutting three years off his time.

In less than two decades, the Flenory brothers and their Black Mafia Family amassed a $270 million fortune. The drug organization relied on an estimated 500 employees.

Who is Charles Flenory?

Head of the Black Mafia Family, Charles Flenory is a musician and blue-collar man. Learn more about him from this article.

Flenory earned money from his music and lyrics. After collecting some amount, he invested it into the Gospel Sounds Record Corporation.

Flenory shares three children with his companion, Lucille.

However, Flenory’s sons wanted a lavish life due to which they chose the wrong path. They formed a notorious drug trafficking and money laundering organization, Black Mafia Family.

They founded the Back Mafia Family in 1989 and got involved in drug trafficking and money laundering. Both of them got arrested in 2005 and were booked for many charges.



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