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She is the cousin of Declan O’Connell. She is the wife of Niklaus Mikaelson and by him is the mother of Grace O’Connell Mikaelson. She is also the stepmother of Klaus’ daughter with Hayley Marshall-Kenner, Hope Mikaelson.

As well, Is Klaus daughter in Legacies?

Legacies follows Hope Mikaelson, the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall, who is descended from some of the most powerful vampire, werewolf, and witch bloodlines. Two years after the events of The Originals, 17-year-old Hope attends the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted.

Then Does Rebekah have baby?

Nikolaus Mikaelson is an Witch-Vampire Hybrid. He is the son of Marcellus Mikaelson and Rebekah Mikaelson.

Therefore, Does Davina and KOL have a child? The family relationship between Kol Mikaelson, Davina Claire-Mikaelson, and their daughter, Henriikka. Kol and Davina conceived Henriikka after moving to San Francisco following season four of The Originals and before season five.

Who is Klaus wife? Joseph Morgan (actor)

Joseph Morgan
Occupation Actor, director
Years active 2002–present
Known for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals as Klaus Mikaelson
Spouse(s) Persia White ( m. 2014)

How did Hayley get pregnant with Klaus child?

Things won’t be so easy for Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) in the Big Easy. As we learned during the backdoor pilot for “The Vampire Diaries” spin-off “The Original,” the werewolf is pregnant with hybrid Klaus’ baby — and a coven of witches is using her and her unborn child to force the bloodsucker to do their bidding.

Does Klaus and Hayley have a baby?

The family relationship between Klaus Mikaelson, Hayley Marshall-Kenner and their daughter, Hope. Klaus and Hayley conceived her in Mystic Falls after that Klaus saved Hayley from Will. They dealt with Hayley’s pregnancy with Hope and the fact of becoming parents during the first season of The Originals.

Who is Freya Keelin’s son?

Nik is the son of Freya Mikaelson and Keelin. He is the younger half-brother of Mathias and Freya’s Unborn Son and presumably Vincent and Eva’s Unborn Child.

Who is Elijah Mikaelson daughter?

This is the family relationship between the original vampire, Elijah Mikaelson and the mortal tribrid, Olympia Mikaelson. Olympia is Elijah’s only biological child and is the daughter he had with his wife, Dianna Mikaelssen.

Is Freya’s son in Legacies?

Nik is the son of Freya Mikaelson and Keelin.

Biographical Information
First Appearance That’s Nothing I Had to Remember (mentioned)
Last Appearance That’s Nothing I Had to Remember (mentioned)

Is Davina pregnant The Originals?

Before discussing any theories, Freya and Vincent performed a Confirmation Ritual to confirm that Davina was, indeed, pregnant—furthermore, the Ritual also confirmed that the fetus was actually Davina and Kol’s unborn child, and had not been magically transported into Davina’s womb.

How does Kol Mikaelson have a child?

In the end, Kol ends the show still a vampire but finds happiness with Davina. The two marry and have a daughter together, Lucia, created through a spell that allowed Kol to father at least one child against the laws of nature.

Did Klaus married Bonnie’s mom?

Did Klaus marry Bonnie’s mom? Yup, he sure did. Morgan, 40, told the Associated Press in 2014 about their meet-cute at work.

Does Joseph Morgan have kids?

How many children does Joseph Morgan have? Morgan does have a child, but they are not related to each other biologically. After almost seven years of marriage, he and White have not had any children together. White has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Who is the father of Katherine’s baby?

Throughout The Vampire Diaries

In the season four finale of The Vampire Diaries, Graduation, Katherine slept with Niklaus Mikaelson and conceived her daughter, Adyelya.

Does Klaus have a baby with Katherine?

It is later revealed when they meet again in New Orleans that Katherine is pregnant with his child, their daughter Adyelya Mikaelson, who they conceived during their one-night-stand.

What episode does Haley tell Klaus she’s pregnant?

The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Hayley Is Pregnant — Season 4 Episode 20 – Hollywood Life.

How is Hayley pregnant with Klaus child?

Hayley’s placenta has ruptured so she has to give birth to the baby there. She tries to fight the witches, when Klaus walks in. He kills one of the witches, but Genevieve, Monique and Abigail stop him. He watches Hayley give birth while he is held against a wall with a spell.

How did Freya get pregnant?

Vincent donates sperm and the sperm fertilizes Freya or/and Keelins eggs. No rule stating they can’t have more than one child. Both Freya and Keelin can get pregnant. As far as raising the children all three could be active in the child life they don’t need to be in a three way romantic relationship to do so.

Does Klaus trust Freya?

Klaus calls Freya “his sister” for the first time in Ashes to Ashes. In Ashes to Ashes, Freya goes to live with Klaus in The Abattoir. Klaus now trusts Freya and wants her, as well as Rebekah, to help him raise his daughter.

Is Freya’s son in Legacies?

“The Originals” Star Riley Voelkel Reveals Freya Named Her Son After Klaus in “Legacies” I’m freaking out! Freya is back on Legacies this week and fans of The Originals and The Vampire Diaries are so excited to see one of their favorite Mikaelsons back in Mystic Falls.

Who will Elijah end up with?

Before Elijah was bitten by Marcel, fans will recall that he and Hayley finally got together. And Haylijah fans will be happy to hear that five years apart hasn’t changed their feelings. Hayley greeted a newly cured Elijah with a welcome home kiss.

Who is Dianna Mikaelson?

Dianna Monet Mikaelsson (nee Labonair) is an Original Immortal Tribrid. She is the daughter of Alaina Olsen and Cyrus Labonair. She is the wife of Elijah Mikaelson, adoptive mother of Saga Mikaelssen, and the mother of Olympia Mikaelson.

Who is Olympia Mikaelson?

Olympia Elisabet Nikole Mikaelson is a siphoner-vampire-werewolf mortal tribrid. She is the only biological child and the younger daughter of the original vampire, Elijah Mikaelson and the original immortal tribrid, Dianna Mikaelsson. She is the adoptive younger sister of Saga Mikaelssen.

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