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Austin McBroom absolutely dominated his fight against Bryce Hall, earning a TKO victory. The two social media stars put up a bet against one another that they’d have to pay the other a $1 million bonus in the event of a knockout.

As well, Did McBroom knock out Bryce Hall?

Bryce Hall Gets Knocked Out By Austin McBroom in ‘Battle of the Platforms’ Boxing Match.

Then Who won the fight Bryce or McBroom?

Austin McBroom stopped TikTok star Bryce Hall in a brutal three round fight at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami tonight, in the latest social media influencer bout. McBroom dominated the bout for all three rounds, before the referee, mercifully, put an end to proceedings, earning the YouTube star a massive victory.

Therefore, Who won battle of platforms? On 12 June, the “titans of social media” finally faced off in the ring in Live x Live’s Battle of the Platforms, aka YouTube vs TikTok. After a dramatic evening of KOs, surprise wins and controversial ties, Team YouTube reigned supreme, winning five fights while Team TikTok only took home one win.

Who won Ben Landon? Ben Azelart. As we expected, it didn’t take much time before Landon McBroom ended up winning this fight. He absolutely dominated this bout against Ben Azelart, and the referee stopped the fight 30 seconds into Round 2, crediting him with a knockout.

Who was the Tiktoker who won?

In the main event, Austin McBroom defeated Bryce Hall in three rounds with a technical knockout. In the penultimate event, AnEsonGib defeated Tayler Holder in a unanimous decision. Overall, Team YouTube defeated Team TikTok 6-1.

YouTubers vs. TikTokers.

Venue Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida, U.S.
Tale of the tape

Who owns TikTok?

ByteDance, the Chinese internet company that owns TikTok, eliminated a global team in its human resources department in December. During a town hall meeting that lasted around five minutes, members of the company’s Talent Development team learned that their roles would no longer exist, said one former HR employee.

Who won the Taylor vs Gib?

When Holder and Gib clashed at the Battle of the Platforms boxing event, it was declared a draw on the night. With fans outraged at the decision, it was quickly overturned and Gib was announced as the official winner.

What is Vinnie hacker middle name?

Born on 14 July 2002, Vinnie Hacker’s age is 19 years as of 2022.

Vinnie Hacker Wiki/Biography.

Full Name Vincent Cole Hacker
Nationality American
Hometown Seattle, Washington
Zodiac Sign Cancer
School Seattle Select, Washington, United States O’Dea High School, Seattle, Washington, United States

Which is better TikTok or YouTube?

YouTube is the clear winner for the type of content being offered on both platforms. TikTok only caters to one type of audience, and it isn’t enough to better YouTube.

Who invented Tick tock?

Zhang Yiming (Chinese: 张一鸣; born April 1, 1983 in Longyan, Fujian) is a Chinese internet entrepreneur. He founded ByteDance in 2012 and developed the news aggregator Toutiao and the video sharing platform TikTok (Douyin/抖音), formerly known as Musical.ly.

Who is the CEO of TikTok?

If you’ve ever wondered who is the CEO of TikTok, Shou Zi Chew is the man currently leading the operation.

Who owns TikTok in 2021?

Beijing/Hong Kong: ByteDance, the owner of short video app TikTok, saw its total revenue grow by 70% year-on-year to around $58 billion in 2021, according to two people familiar with the matter, slower growth than a year earlier as China tightens its grip on big tech companies.

Who beat Jake Paul first?

Paul’s first pro fight was against Youtuber AnEsonGib, where he TKO’d Gib in the 1st round. Although Gib was not a great challenge for him, he proved that he could do some damage.

Who won Amanda Serrano vs Katie Taylor?

In the end, Taylor beat Serrano via split decision (94-96, 97-93, 96-93) to retain her status as undisputed lightweight champion. What a fight it was. From the opening bell, fans knew it would be a fight to remember. They were loud the entire night.

Who is Jake Paul won against?

Jake Paul knocked out Tyron Woodley in spectacular fashion on Saturday night, beating the former UFC champion for the second time in four months.

What is Vinnie short for?

The name Vinnie is primarily a male name of English origin that means Diminutive Form Of The Name Vincent.

How old is Vinnie’s brother?

Reggie Hacker was born on 28 September 2004. Reggie Hacker is 17 years old.

Who owns TikTok?

ByteDance owns TikTok, despite there previously being talks of selling the company to an American company. This Chinese tech company has achieved its aspirations of being as big as some of its competitors, such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu. ByteDance is based in Beijing, China, and has offices all over the world.

Who is Amir Siddiqui TikTok?

Amir Siddiqui is a popular tiktoker and a social media influencer. He was born on January 4, 1995 in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh. Completed his schooling from Shreerang Vidyalaya High School and graduated from Mumbai.

Is TikTok still owned by China?

However, TikTok released a statement saying that the China-based subsidiary of ByteDance in which the Chinese government owns a stake does not have any ownership of TikTok, only Chinese apps. In fact, users in China cannot even access the app; instead, they use a similar app called Douyin.

Who is the owner of ByteDance?

Zhang Yiming is the founder of ByteDance, one of China’s largest media content platforms; he was formerly the company’s CEO and chairman. The privately held company raised fresh investment funds at a valuation of $180 billion in 2020; Zhang owns an estimated 22% stake of ByteDance.

Is TikTok banned in China

Although video-sharing app TikTok was developed by Chinese company Bytedance, it is not available in China.

Who is the Queen of TikTok?

Charli D’Amelio is an American social media personality and the most followed TikTok female in the world. For her accomplishment, The New York Times called the “reigning queen of TikTok”.

Who runs TikTok in America?

ByteDance still owns TikTok, which added 7 million new US users in the first four months of this year. Trump is gone, and the threat from the US government has receded—but the Chinese government now looms over the popular app.

Who is the CEO of TikTok 2022?

Shouzi Chew, the CFO of ByteDance, got a new job title on Friday: CEO of TikTok.

Which country is TikTok from?

The app was launched in 2016 by the Chinese technology company ByteDance. Now available in more than 150 different markets, TikTok has offices in Beijing, Los Angeles, Moscow, Mumbai, Seoul, and Tokyo. The app had about 1.1 billion active global users by early 2021.

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