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Buck is a spirit character of Spiritfarer. He can be found atop Hikarishima Lighthouse after unlocking the bounce ability, and is the only spirit character that cannot be released at the Everdoor. Buck will be the last spirit on your ship and will keep you company until the end of the game.

Regarding this, How do you get to Overbrook Spiritfarer?

Overbrook is found in the misty region near Obscure Canopy, and is the main focal point of the update. As well as the main quests, there are five total shenanigans that can be found here. I’ve made this Spiritfarer Overbrook Shenanigans guide to give you detailed instructions for all of them.

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What happens when you take Stella to the Everdoor?

Once enough characters pass through the Everdoor, Stella finally accepts that she did the best she could in her life and that there is no sense anymore in trying to beat death. Thus, in conclusion, the whole game takes place within Stella’s mind in her final moments.

Subsequently, Does Atul just leave Spiritfarer? To put it plainly, no, you can’t find Atul after he leaves your ship in Spiritfarer. Though you never take him to the Everdoor yourself, it is hinted at that this is where he disappeared to when he’s no longer on the ship as shown by a Spirit Flower showing up in his room.

What is Fakinhage in Spiritfarer?

Give Stanley a Fakinhage. It’s an. . Translates to “Fuckin’ Egg”.

How do I make Spiritfarer household glue?

Household Glue belongs to the Ingredients category of Items from Spiritfarer. It is made from Old Shoe in a Foundry after completing Stanley’s quest to experiment with the different crafting buildings. Old Shoe can always be purchased from Francis for 8 Glim.

Where is Spiritfarer bottom line?

Once you’ve got the mailbox on your boat, you’ll eventually get a letter informing you of an employee strike taking place at Bottom Line. Receiving this letter will put Bottom Line Corp. on your map just southeast of Albert and his shipyard.

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Is Stella from Spiritfarer a girl?

Stella is a young brown-skinned woman with orange hair and brown eyes.

Is Spiritfarer based on a true story?

Creative Director Nicolas Guérin mentions that the game’s stories are based on its own experiences of loss. They wanted to make a game that handled death in a way that felt more personal and intimate, referencing the loss of family and loved ones.

Who is the first spirit to leave in Spiritfarer?

This section of IGN’s Spiritfarer walkthrough details how to say goodbye to your spirits after completing all of their requests. The first one you’ll have to bring to the Everdoor is Gwen.

What can I give Atul?


  • Likes: Everything.
  • Dislikes: Nothing.
  • Favorite Food: Pork Chops.
  • Mini-game: Capturing Lightning in a Bottle.
  • Spirit Flower: Tap to Reveal.

What happens to Atul?

While Stella was still in Europe in her early twenties, Atul disappeared without a trace. This was a great shock to Stella, and she never truly learned what had happened to him. His disappearance was one of the reasons Stella decided to move to North America with her mother, Marie, and her second sister, Lilly.

Did Atul go to Everdoor?

After the fun family-style dinner, you’ll awake the next morning to find that Atul has disappeared. Unfortunately, he passed on without going to the Everdoor, but you’ll find his Spirit Flower in his room: a White Lily.

How do I make eggs in Spiritfarer?

Eggs can be bought from Raccoon Inc. in Oxbury, or retrieved from Chicken Coops after hatching one or more chickens in the egg incubator.

How do you get tchotchke in Spiritfarer?

How to Get Tchotchke Items in Spiritfarer. You’ll get these ‘junk’ items either from fishing off the back of your ship, by planting Odd Seeds, or collecting them from Crates floating in the sea, and chests tucked away on islands.

How do you dash in Spiritfarer?

Dash. Description: Press [Dash] to release Everlight energy and leap forward. Dash allows Stella to leap forward at great speed, either from the ground or in the air. Dashing depletes the Everlight (turning it darker in appearance) for about 3 seconds before recharging.

How do I make Spiritfarer Comet powder?

How to Acquire. Comet Rock is exclusively collected from the Meteor Showers Event with the help of Giovanni. Unlike the other Rocks, it cannot be planted at one of the Turtle sisters.

How do you make Spiritfarer Comet powder?

Obtained by crushing Comet Rock in the Crusher.

What should I put in my chicken coop Spiritfarer?


  1. 14 Ash Plank.
  2. 12 Wool Fabric.
  3. 4 Zinc Ingot.
  4. 5 Bottled Ec
  5. 450 Glim.

How do I talk to a cowardly CEO?

On your left, you’ll see an elevator you can take up to reach him. About halfway up, take the exit on your left and follow it towards another ladder. Take that up and you’ll find the boss locked away in a small building. Approach the window to talk to him.

What animal is Astrid Spiritfarer?

Astrid is a lioness who presents herself as a prideful gossip but is much more kind and empathetic than she first comes across as. She helped hide Jewish children during World War II, which is when she met her husband and fellow Spirit, Giovanni.

How do you jump higher at Spiritfarer?

Description: Press [Jump] to jump higher on bouncy surfaces. Bounce allows Stella to bounce on certain items, such as dumpsters, umbrellas, and window awnings, to gain extra height. Repeated jumping will further increase the height.

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