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So far, eight films have been released under the Stab name. It was mentioned by Jenny Randall that the first three Stab films were based on the true story of Sidney Prescott, but after almost suing Sunrise Studios if they tried to use her real life story, the subsequent films became exaggerative fictional.

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It was originally based on the life of famed celebrity heroine, Sidney Prescott and her encounters with the various Ghostface killers in the original trilogy (but took many creative liberties based on the “true story”). Tori Spelling was chosen to play the heroine. So far, eight films have been released under the Stab name.

What an honor to have the Stab logos we made featured in the newest Scream film! Our Stab 7 logo, minus the 7 and turned red, can first be seen on Tara’s phone in the opening scene and then In the fifth Scream, we learn that an eighth Stab movie has been released semi-recently.

Is Stab 3 based on Scream 3?

In Scream 3, the entire cast of “Return to Woodsboro” is murdered… shutting down production on that version but eventually inspiring a new version “Stab 3: Hollywood Horror,” which was based on the “actual” events of Scream 3. (Exhausting, right?!)

That is until got involved! The Stab films first premiered in “Scream 2” where we had 2 short glimpses at re-made versions of scenes from the first Scream and we learned that the movie was based on Gale Weather’s book “The Woodsboro Murders .” (It is also commonly forgotten that Gale wrote a book about Cotton and Sidney and her mother’s murder in the first Scream, no images have ever surfaced of it.)

Stab 2, though never actually shown in a Scream film, also makes its debut in the form of a movie poster in the office and house of faux producer John Milton in Scream 3. The bonus features on the DVD of Scream 3 would finally offer us a glimpse at Stab 2, with a trailer made (cheaply) to fill the gap between the films. Most of it was well done, mixing footage from Scream 2 with newly shot footage, but a few minor mistakes were made… like the lack of Tori Spelling as Sidney and Parker Posey as Jennifer Jolie as Gale Weathers.



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