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First thing we learned is that Solana had actually gotten married to her boyfriend, Danny, shortly after the episode wrapped, because she knew she had found “the one” in him. No hard feelings from Elijah whatsoever, because the two of them shared a special kind of friendship, which was in no way romantic. Also, those lion and lioness tattoos.

These two were featured on a special “after” Catfish episode, that aired directly after their Catfish escapade concluded. First thing we learned is that Solana had actually gotten married to her boyfriend, Danny, shortly after the episode wrapped, because she knew she had found “the one” in him.

When the time comes for Solana to finally meet Elijah, Danny is disappointed, but is still very supportive and just wanted to make sure Solana comes back home to him.

Danny DeVito is a successful actor, producer, and writer with numerous awards to his name. The veteran actor is still making records with his awesome talent. By his side is his wife of forty years, who has also acted as his wife on screen. DeVito and Perlman tied the knot in 1982, and they have three adult kids who are doing great for themselves.

Who is Solana’s boyfriend?

As if trying to find out who Elijah is wasn’t hard enough, Solana is actually in a relationship with her boyfriend Danny (pictured above). Surprisingly, Danny is supporting Solana on her Catfish journey. Though Danny wants to take their relationship to the next level, Solana can’t stop thinking about Elijah.

The story of Solana and Elijah is titled “A Never-Ending Mystery” and it all began on MySpace when Solana was very young. Bustle gives a short run-down on how they met:

Supposedly, Solana was never allowed to call Elijah because he had a strict mother. Solana had a cell phone and Elijah only had a house phone when they first met, so Elijah always called her because he didn’t want his mother to catch him. Elijah’s “strict mother” is also supposed to be the reason Elijah disappeared from MySpace. His mom allegedly had him on “lock-down.”

When Solana’s parents decided to get a divorce, Solana says that Elijah helped her through her problems and was there for her through it all. Solana was a daddy’s girl and wanted to live with her father, but ended up going with her mother to a new town and she felt “culture-shocked.” Elijah basically “held her hand” during this rough transition. This is what initially made Solana trust Elijah. However, after he disappeared with no word, that trust was broken.

Solana has admitted that there have been red flags, but she still wanted to find out who Elijah really is … Since they’ve reconnected, Solana wanted to be sure that the Elijah who has showed up years later is the real Elijah. They have never video chatted and only talk via Facebook or a text app. When Solana asked Elijah to text her, he claimed he didn’t have a phone, but when they originally met, they used to talk on the phone all the time … Hmm …

Is it bad to date Max and Nev on Catfish?

Not that I’m saying it s a bad idea to contact Max and Nev if you need their help, but the need to go on a show like Catfish isn’t usually a hallmark of a solid relationship to begin with. If you have to put MTV cameras in the face of the person you’re dating to get them to be honest with you, chances are that relationship is already doomed. But that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been Catfish success stories — just that none of them lasted far beyond the end of their episodes. In fact, Season 2 couple Lauren and Derek were even engaged, but in April 2014, they broke up. And even more tragic was the fact that Catfish couple Mike and Ashley were still in love when Mike died of a sudden pulmonary embolism in 2013.

Solana was totally expecting Elijah to be someone else, but when she flew to Minnesota, she found out he was exactly who he said he was — a rarity in the Catfish universe. And despite the fact that they got matching tattoos together, Solana ended up going back to her boyfriend at home instead of making a relationship with Elijah work. Obviously, she’s got a good one, since I can’t imagine too many guys would be cool with their girlfriend flying to meet some other dude they may or may not have feelings for and then welcome them home with open arms, but I can’t help thinking she and Elijah would’ve made a cute couple.



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