Are Nathan And Holly Still Together? – Celebrity

Sadly, Holly and Nathan are no longer an item—though they’ve hinted that they might be getting back together. On the Too Hot to Handle reunion show, filmed before the show’s cast began promo for season three in mid-January, Holly explained, “We’ve remained really, really close.

Holly Scarfone hinted she and Nathan Soan are still together. Picture: Holly Scarfone/Instagram Nathan Soan spent time with Holly in London after Too Hot to Handle. Picture: Netflix Nathan and Holly fell for each other immediately on Too Hot to Handle. Picture: Netflix Are Nathan and Holly from Too Hot to Handle series 3 still together?

Nathan and Holly haven’t come out together on Instagram as a couple or anything, but that could be under guidance from THTH producers. Still, there are a few signs that they might still be together. Let’s go over the evidence, shall we?

Nathan learned how to control his more primal instincts by, um, rubbing a doll that represented him against the heart of a doll that represented Holly, and Holly learned to trust Nathan.



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