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McNichol is the oldest of three siblings, with a sister Kristy (b. 1962) and brother Tommy (b. 1965). McNichol was raised by his single mother after the children’s father, a carpenter, abandoned the family shortly after Tommy’s birth.

Accordingly, Are Peter MacNicol and Kristy McNichol related?

No, Peter MacNicol and Kristy McNichol aren’t related.

Moreover, Did Kristy McNichol do drugs?

I like everything about it and may eventually move there part-time.” The break was much-needed. McNichol said she began to struggle with drug abuse, and a bi-polar diagnosis made the pressures of Hollywood even more to handle.

Also Did Kristy McNichol date a guy?

She first dated men

According to DatingCelebs, Kristy dated the American actor and television director Scott Baio in 1977. The relationship didn’t last long, though, and one year later she started dating singer and actor Leif Garret. … The truth was that her heart didn’t belong to men.

Who is Kristy Mcnichols father?

Kristy McNichol was born Christina Ann McNichol, on September 11, 1962, in Los Angeles, California, to Carolyn and Jim McNichol. She grew up with her two brothers, Jimmy and Thomas. Jimmy also became a famous child actor and was once hailed as a teen idol. However, when Kristy was 3 years old, her parents divorced.

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Is Kristy McNichol in a relationship?

Who is Kristy McNichols married to? Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol have been in a relationship since 1991. The lesbian couple exchange marriage vows after dating a few years.

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