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The sneak-peek of the episodes of Love After Lockup hinted that Marcelino was lying to Brittany and might also be cheating. The couple was fighting in the clip and the speculation about what might happen to their relationship was rife. For now, Brittany and Marcelino were still married and still together.

Neither Marcelino nor Brittany have officially revealed their new home purchase on social media, but their upgrade is quite obvious in the background of many of their videos and photos posted over the past six months. If you’re curious about the specs on the Santiago’s new digs, we’ve got those from the listing.

In addition to “moving on up” to their fancy new home, the Santiagos also recently enjoyed a tropical vacation in Hawaii. According to the couple’s Instagram posts, the trip was a surprise gift from Brittany to Marcelino for his birthday. Here are some photos about the surprise and from the couple’s time in Hawaii:

If you watch Love After Lockup you might know Marcelino Santiago as a great man who saved his girlfriend (and later wife), Brittany, from her life of crime and brought her to the mainstream folds of society. Read the article below to know more about Marcelino and he was able to save his woman.

What are Brittany and Marcelino up to now?

Last night, it was revealed that Brittany and Marcelino welcomed a little girl. They named their daughter Zoila. Details about her birth haven’t been made public and no photos have been shared on social media.

At this point, nothing has officially been announced about what they plan to do next. Brittany and Marcelino are very adamant about giving back and promoting positivity. She has been working hard to reach out and help those in need, something that appears to come naturally for both.

Who is Brittany’s ex girlfriend?

The biggest one is going to be Brittany and her ex-girlfriend Amanda staying in touch. The last episode showed the two of them seeing one another for the first time on the outside and when she revealed her relationship with Marcelino, Amanda was caught by surprise.

There was speculation that Brittany may have already been pregnant with Marcelino’s baby, though she has denied that is the case. The two are focused on her young son and working him into their lives right now. Brittany’s son was mentioned earlier this season and he has been seen with the couple on social media.

Who is Marcelino from Life After Lockup?

Marcelino and Brittany of Life After Lockup spoke exclusively with ScreenRant and revealed how the hit reality show sped up their relationship. Brittany Dodd and Mar celino Santiago have been a standout couple on Life After Lockup . Cameras have captured the couple’s journey following Brittany’s release from prison.

As a child, Brittany ran away from home at the age of 12 to escape abuse. By the age of 15, Brittany gave birth to two children who she was forced to give up for adoption because she wasn’t sober at the time. Then, at the age of 18, she was sentenced to five years behind bars.


What happened to Brittany and Marcelino?

Together, Marcelino and Brittany had gone through some tough times: Brittany’s prison years, Marcelino’s gambling addiction days, when Brittany was fighting for the custody of her son Giovanni from her previous relationship, and the financial hardship that legal battle ensued. And then Marcelino’s cheating rumors.

And the producers of the show paid them significant amounts each month. According to our sources, the couple brought home more than $6000 for each episode.

When it came to his reach on social media reach, Marcelino had quite a following. On Instagram, he had 49.2k followers. He had 318 posts, mostly the pictures of his two kids (we will come to them later). If we could be excused of some guesswork, we would even say that almost 80 percent of his Instagram posts featured his kids.

Marcelino Santiago is a tall guy with a height of almost 6 ft 1 inch. He had a weight of around 80 kgs. Among his distinctive features were his brown complexion, bald head, and a very charming goatee.

The couple first started going out when Britanny was still in prison. They found each other through a pen pal website and after a few letters they started to fall for each other. When Brittany got out of jail two milestones happened to their romance.

According to the various sources on the internet, Marcelino was born on 24 June 1978. Hence, he turned 42 years of age on that date in 2020. Having his birthday on 24 June, Marcelino’s zodiac sign was Cancer. Similar – Kelsey Giugliano Wiki: Age, Job, James Giugliano, Height.

There wasn’t much information regarding Marcelino’s early life. It was highly likely that he came from a Hispanic immigrant family. He was a California native but which city or town of the state of California was actually his hometown was not known.


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