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sMothered stars Angelica and her counterpart Jason became parents to a baby girl last month. The couple dealt with a lot of issues in their relationship. And Angelica’s bond with her sMothered mother Sunhe made things even more complicated.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Angelica and Jason are still engaged. Based on Angelica’s Instagram account, it doesn’t appear that they went through with their marriage yet. However, Angelica and Sunhe posted a picture of Jason with his baby, Amara, on an April 21 post.

During the show, Jason was seen going through the divorce process with his ex-wife Viviana, who he was with for around eight years. Since then, Jason and Angelica’s relationship has moved to the next level. They have revealed on the series that they got engaged.

Jason, Angelica, Sunhe and baby Amara. TLC Sunhe and Angelica, who also appeared in Season 1, still live together, talk constantly, frequently sleep in the same bed and sometimes share bathwater. Sunhe also often joins in on Angelica’s dates with her fiancé, Jason, and joined the couple to oversee Jason’s divorce from his ex-wife.

Who is Angelica’s partner?

However, Angelica’s relationship with her mother threatened to spell doom for her relationship with her partner, Jason. Moreover, Sunhe’s constant intrusion into the couple’s life did not sit well with Jason.

Over the course of season 2, we saw how Jason divorced his ex-wife, Viviana, of eight years, for Angelica. However, Sunhe seemed to not approve of her daughter’s boyfriend. Other issues too cropped up within their relationship, the biggest of which was Sunhe accompanying the couple everywhere.

When Angelica and Sunhe were first introduced, they were living in Las Vegas. Shortly after moving to Las Vegas, Angelica had met Jason, who was still a married man. Jason quickly took to Angelica and tried to ask her out on a date. Though Angelica denied him numerous times, she ultimately gave in and went out with him.

Add a comment… Instagram. On June 10, 2020, Angelica and Jason welcomed their newborn daughter, Amara Jael, into this world.

Amara’s birth seems to have brought Sunhe closer to the family, and she now enjoys the company of her granddaughter. Jason and Angelica, too, seem to be in a much better place at present. They love spending time together and often portray their love on social media.

Yes! Jason and Angelica are still together. Even with a disapproving mother and numerous other obstacles, Jason and Angelica managed to make their relationship last. Surprisingly, it seems that even Angelica’s mother has accepted their relationship and is supportive of them at present.

What happened to Angelica and Jason on Smothered?

TLC “sMothered” star Angelica said if Jason’s mother didn’t give them their blessing, Angelica couldn’t marry her child’s father. Viewers of TLC’s “sMothered” got to see a new facet to Angelica and Jason’s relationship.


However, Angelica and Sunhe posted a picture of Jason with his baby, Amara, on an April 21 post. “Daddy and Amara day ,” the caption read. The first time viewers met Angelica and Sunhe, they shocked fans when they revealed they shared the same bathwater.

But with Angelica and Jason expecting their first child in season three, viewers are learning more about what Jason’s relationship with his own mother looks like. In the most recent episode, Angelica said if Jason’s mother didn’t give them their blessing, Angelica couldn’t marry her child’s father.

While Sunhe might have been unsure about Jason and Angelica in the beginning, fans like seeing the TLC couple together. The comments under Angelica’s posts about Jason are overwhelmingly positive, with most people saying that they like seeing them in a relationship.

Where do Jason and Angelica live?

However, given the fact that Jason and Angelica live in Las Vegas, I find it very unlikely that they would want to leave Clark county to get married. It does remain a possibility, though, so I cannot state for sure that they have yet to tie the knot.

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Last season Jason finally gave Angelica a diamond ring after dating for years, but it wasn’t an official proposal due to one small hang up: he was still married. Despite Jason and his estranged wife Viviana being separated for quite some time, they have been dragging their heels getting the divorce finalized.

The answer is YES! According to court documents, the couple filed for a joint petition for a summary decree of divorce on September 17, 2019. The divorce was uncontested without children, so it went through VERY quickly. The final divorce decree was issued two days later on September 19!

As a result, Jason didn’t feel comfortable actually proposing, and Angelica didn’t feel comfortable wearing her diamond ring on her left hand. The second season of sMothered kicks off with the pressure mounting against Jason to get the divorce done — pressure from Angelica as well as Sunhe. During the premiere episode, Sunhe crashes Jason …

What does Jason tease Angelica?

Standing at the front of the room, Jason teases there’s something else he and Angelica need to tell the group. It’s a nerve-racking moment for everyone, including Sunhe, who stresses how “important” this gathering really is. “I want so much for Jase’s mother to be acceptant of Angelica,” she explains. “And it would mean the world to me …

Angelica and Jason’s pregnancy announcement may come as a shock to their family, but Jason’s mother has an even bigger surprise hidden up her sleeve for the expectant TLC star’s mom, Sunhe. In PopCulture’s exclusive sneak peek of Monday’s all-new episode of sMothered, the TLC couple breaks the big pregnancy news to Angelica’s grandmother, Connie, …

Toshiko doesn’t seem to think her son is being treated very well in his relationship , especially when it comes to Angelica’s relationship with her own mom. “My son is sometimes just so soft that people try to use him,” she tells the camera. “If somebody get married and then, you know, taking advantage of Jason.”.


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