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What happened to Andrew Siwicki, Shane Dawson’s cameraman? After being cancelled in 2020, Shane Dawson has officially made his return to YouTube. The 33-year-old posted a brand new video on Thursday (October 7th), the first video he’s posted to his channel in over a year.

However, they do still follow each other on Instagram so are obviously amicable. When the drama erupted and Shane Dawson was cancelled, there were rumours that Andrew had quit being his cameraman as he removed Shane’s name from his Instagram and Twitter bio in 2020.

Garrett Watts and Shane Dawson: Instagram drama Photos re-emerged on Garrett Watts’s Instagram feed yesterday showing him with friend and fellow YouTuber, Shane Dawson. One photo features the pair posing in a Photo Booth-style collage, while another shows them hanging out with The Simpsons’ Krusty the Klown at Universal Studios Hollywood.

He has a huge 1.4 million followers on his Instagram @andrewsiwicki and 511,000 subscribers on his YouTube podcast Sweet Boys: Garrett and Andrew. Whilst they have never publicly addressed a fallout, it appears as though Shane and Andrew have drifted apart and no longer work together.

Why did Siwicki and Dawson distance themselves from each other?

Rich suggested Siwicki and Dawson have distanced themselves from each other to allow Siwicki to pursue his own career.

VLOGGER Shane Dawson has posted his first YouTube video in more than a year to address his decision to step back from the spotlight.

After the app was deactivated, he headed over to YouTube, where he has worked with several YouTubers to film their videos, including Shane Dawson, who has more than 20million subscribers.

Siwicki worked as an intern at William Morris Endeavor, Demi & Cooper Advertising, and Lily’s Talent Agency before becoming an internet sensation.

Siwicki appears to have cut connections with Dawson after controversial clips featuring his use of blackface, the N-word and other offensive comments resurfaced in 2020.

Here, we take a look at the controversial YouTuber’s cameraman, Andrew Siwicki.

Siwicki is not named in the credits on Dawson’s latest YouTube video.



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